Dec 4, 2009

Drugs, Sex and Rock n Roll...oh and alcohol.



AGE                : 13-15 years old.
ENGLISH ACCENT     : Standard fake American accent [over enunciated "R"]
LIKES              : Shopping, make up, spending rich dad's money and boys.
DRESS CODE         : Anything revealing. The less fabric, the better.
                                         The more expensive, the better.


AGE                : 13-15 years old.
ENGLISH ACCENT     : Slight Malay accent ie "the" sounds like "de".    
LIKES              : More or less the same as the Bangsar tweens. 
DRESS CODE         : Head scarf, tight top and hip hugging jeans *a generalization

I was walking around at The curve with my family when I wondered off away from the pack to visit a place where I call my second home, my sanctuary, my sanctum, my place of peace and tranquillity. Other people however call it a book-store.

Anyhow, on my way there, I stumbled upon a group of young tweenage girls who wore skimpy revealing outfits. Short skirts, Spaghetti tops etc. They spoke English with a very fake American accent. I could tell that their dad's were rich. Rich people have an "I'm rich" aura glowing around them. Plus I saw at least two of them using a Nokia N95 8 gig (Expensive phone weyh!). So I put 2 and 2 together and concluded that they were rich kids. Probably from Bangsar or Bukit Damansara.

Near them was a group of your average Malay tweens. They were eyeing the Bangsar tweens with a disgusted look on their faces. As I passed the Bangsar tweens (They wore too much perfume) and got nearer to the average Malay tween group I could hear them say amongst themselves "Menyampah aku tengok" and "Konfirm dah rosak". I just rolled my eyes and walked away.

On one side we have a group of skimpy outfit wearing tweens and on the other, we have a group of decently dressed Malay tweens. One group is out enjoying themselves, not disturbing anyone while the other group is busy bad mouthing other people. Which group is bitch-like? The Bangsar tweens or the average Malay tweens?

You see, just because one is decently dressed, it doesn't make him or her a better human being, nor does it make him or her a better Muslim. Muslims don't bad mouth other people unprovoked. I'm no Islamic scholar but I do know one thing: covering up will not guarantee you paradise. And I'm pretty sure bad mouthing others unprovoked is a big sin.

I was sore at the group of average Malay tweens because they concluded that the Bangsar tweens were confirmed underage little sluts just by looking at how they dressed. They made their own conclusion purely based on what they see. That can't be right can it?

Don't get me wrong though. Covering up is the right thing to do. Whatever the Quran says, I'm all for it. I'm no pious Muslim, but whatever the Quran says, that's how I aspire to live my life. I may have hit a few bumps along the way but ultimately the Muslim way of life is how I want to live my life.

Even so, no one has the right to judge others purely based on how they look. To me, the average Muslim tween group was an embarrassment to Islam. What they did a.k.a mengumpat belakang was a heinous act. I was disgusted by their thoughts @ they are better than the Bangsar tweens just because their clothing is more decent.

Good Muslims will make very good human beings. However, bad Muslims will not necessarily make bad human beings. Even if a Muslim lived the rockstarr lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock n roll....and alcohol, it only makes him a very bad Muslim, not a very bad human being. He may not pray or fast but he may have helped others by donating his time, energy or money for charitable purposes.

Princess Diana wasn't even a Muslim but all of us know how kind-hearted she was, how she helped many others when she was still alive and how she touched thousands if not millions of people with her acts of kindness.

The concept of bad Muslim and bad human being are not intertwined. People need to know how to differentiate between the two. At least that's what I think.

Nov 23, 2009

2 guys. 2 adam's apple. and a pair of breasts.

So there I was in KLCC. In Isetan to be exact. I was looking for some work pants when I saw this exceedingly hot female walking in front of me. She was holding hands with a scrawny "Blink and the wind generated might blow me away" looking guy.

No offence to the guy but his looks....don't jive with the fact that he's holding hands with a Megan Fox body double. In my head I was thinking, Love knows no boundaries. Maybe she's just a hot girl who has been lied to, cheated at, taken advantage of by a list of playboys aka jerks. Maybe now she doesn't care about looks. Maybe now she just wants a guy with a good heart. A guy that loves her for what's inside.

Beautiful right? Wrong. A few minutes later I found out the reason why the Megan Fox body double was holding hands with a scrawny dude with an overbite so severe, he could win 100 meter sprints by just opening his mouth. Here's the reason why.

The Megan Fox Body double report card:

                              Marks:      Remarks:
1. Model-like body.             10        HOT
2. Womanly Curves.              9.5       HOT
3. Toned thighs.                9.5       HOT
4. Toned arms.                  9.5       HOT
5. Long, silky hair.            10        HOT
6. Has a penis.                 ???!!!    ??!!!


Further comments:
The Megan Fox body double probably has a penis since she is actually a he who has transformed herhimself into a she. She looks like a she, walks like a she, dresses like a she but most probably pees standing up. So that's why she's holding hands with the scrawny dude. No good-looking guy in the right state of mind would ever, ever go on a date with a dude, let alone hold hands with one.

It is their choice to be whatever they want. It's their choice to be with whoever they want. It's their right to be happy . It's their life. I and a few hundred people at Isetan on that fateful day don't mean to stare or pass judgement. I mean who am I to judge people right?

But it's so hard not to stare at a dude with C-cup breasts. 

Nov 16, 2009

Soul piercing compositions.

Songs. They make us laugh, they make us smile. They inspire us, they make us feel strong. They also make us cry, make us feel weak. It's 2.39am in the morning and I'm still awake. I am extremely tired but for some odd reason I'm unable to sleep. I'm struggling to find the reason as to why I'm still wide awake when my head tells me to sleep, when my body tells me that I'm exhausted. I think I may have found the answer.

Every night before I go to bed I would listen to my walkman (yes, you iPod worshippers, my walkman. I don't believe in spending more on a device just because everyone think it's cool, it's a waste of money.) I'm listening to one particular song over and over again. A song I hold dear in my heart because it reminds me of special times.

I find my mind wondering off to faraway places every time I listen to this particular song. I would be drifting in and out of memories. I would actively memory "hop", non-stop. I'm still wide awake at 2.56am in the morning simply because my mind is over-active at a time where it's supposed to be shutting down and falling asleep.

I ask myself,why am I listening to this song when it's keeping me awake? I have to wake up in 4 hours. After that there will be no more sleep from 9am to 6pm. I needed enough sleep to get me through tomorrow. Again I ask myself, why am I still listening to this particular song? In true Faisal fashion, my mind began drifting away again, trying to find the answer as to why I refuse to not listen to this particular song and just fall asleep.

Then it hit me. I'm listening to this particular song over and over again simply because I wanted to be reminded of the special times it reminds me off. I wanted to be stuck in a moment. I'm listening to this particular song over and over again so that I could relive the feelings I had then, when smiling was the easiest thing to do.

Listening to the same song over and over again simply meant that I wanted to spend a little more time in a memory that has since passed.

Songs make us frown, they make us laugh. They put smiles on our faces and also tears in our eyes.

But for me, every single song has a story behind it. A memory underneath it that will resurface every single time it's listened to.

Perhaps that's why I'm listening to this particular song. So that I could relive something. Something that puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

Songs are powerful compositions that are heard by the ear. Songs are powerful compositions that are interpreted by the mind. Songs are powerful compositions that pierce the soul.

Nov 11, 2009


Dear You, 

Sometimes the best decision may not be the easiest to make. You'll always be my dear dear friend, a friend who I'll call my best, a friend who'll always be in my mind, a friend who I'll always cherish. Saying goodbye isn't easy, at least for me it isn't. But some things are more important than others and I understand that perfectly. 

I wish your last goodbye would be a bit more meaningful than "take care mate" but it's OK, it's not important. 

I'd like to ask you to promise me a few things. If you ever read this entry, I want you to promise me the things that you are about to read.

Promise me you'll be the happiest person on this planet. Promise me you'll take good care of yourself. Promise me you'll succeed in everything you do and promise me you'll smile your sweetest smile forever and let in continue to shine on forever more. 

Promise me.

Goodbye, God Bless.

Nov 6, 2009

Why swearing is good for the soul. (Reader discretion adviced, Foul language present)

When you're really mad at someone or something, what would you normally do to ease the tension?
Would you:

A) Break down into tears and cry your heart out.
B) Punch something.
C) Shout or scream your lungs out.
D) Nothing. ( Dangerous, people who keep their anger inside are just volatile volcanoes waiting to erupt)

What I would do is, I'd swear at that person or something and I'd feel better almost instantly.

This entry is about the power of self control.
This entry is about the power to make one feel better.
This entry is about reducing anger to a point where you wont be a threat to yourself or anyone else.
This entry is about the power of Fuck You.

Some would not agree with me and say that swearing is filth. It represents everything that's wrong with society. It's stupid, obscene and down right vulgar. I agree, with it being all that, but to a certain extent only.

You see, swearing may represent all that but let's take a look at why it was invented in the first place. Swearing was invented as a channel to express one's anger. Swearing was invented, in simple terms, as a short term strategy to get rid of one's anger. A Panadol Actifast of some sort to quickly subdue one's anger before he does something stupid like punching people.

People always have this misconception that swearing is for thugs, gangsters and people with no moral. Everyone swears. Be it in private or in public. Everyone swears. I think even the queen of England swears. Of course she'd still be grammatically correct when she swears ie "The cat shated all over the place" instead of
"The cat shits all over the place".

The F word has helped me on many occasions. Not just once or twice but many. I find it easier to let go of something painful or forget something bad that's happening to me by saying out loudly the three magical phrases that has helped me so much throughout my school years. It's still helping me out currently in my university years.

So next time I'm in deep shit, I know full well that by saying "Fuck it. Fuck you. and Fuck Off", I'd be back on my own two feet in no time.

You should try it =p.

Nov 3, 2009

"As long as you make a good husband"

I was facebooking with my wanna (me youngest aunty from me mom's side). We were merapu-ing as usual when I realized that I will not make a good wife. I cant:

4.Iron clothes.

The above four are the four essential wifely duties.

Wanna said it's ok but she told me instead to make sure that I'll make a good husband. 

So there I was, sitting in my chair wondering about things I shouldn't be wondering about such as marriage and having kids. 

What makes a good husband? 

I then subsequently realized that I wont make a very good husband either. This is because wives tend to want their husbands to help in four essential areas, which are:

4.Ironing clothes.

So there I was, sitting in my chair wondering again about the many divorces I predict I'll go through when I'm all grown up. Due to my lack of "essential four" skills. My future looked bleak. Dammit.

But then as I started to swivel down into dark dark thoughts about my impending divorce(s), I came to realize that I am only 21 years old. I still have a lot of time to sharpen my "essential four" skills. My future doesn't look so bleak after all.

As my heart regained control of my head, I thought to myself, I may not have the "essential four" skills but I think, I think I think...I know that whoever ends up marrying me, I will love with all my heart, body and soul and that I'll give her nothing short of the world.

I may not know how to cook or clean, but I sure as hell know how to love =).

Nov 2, 2009


I'm sitting in my cubicle listening to the people, lawyers to be exact, around me talking. All of them sound so busy. I on the other hand, have been doing absolutely nothing since this morning.
For the past six hours, I have been:

1.Surfing the net.
2.Merapu dengan Shaf.
3.Merapu dengan Sue.
4.Messaging people like mad due to me being so unbelievably bored.
5.Eating non-stop. Chewing stuffs.
6.More surfing the net.
7.Berangan nak beli:
 a)Phone baru.
 c)Swatch Bijoux rings and accessories.
 d)Sport rims.
8. Fiddling with my:
a) Phone.
b)Water bottle.
c)My Friggin Laptop.
d)My Tie.

Without my laptop I.will.simply.drop.dead.


Nama/Name     : Ahmad Faisal Bin Rosli
Umur/Age      : 21 Years 3 Months and 15 Days.
Jantina/Sex   : Yes Please.
Punca Kematian: Boredom.
Cause of death: (Lihat atas)

Laporan Bedah Siasat/
Autopsy Report:

Pesakit telah mengalami kebosanan yang teruk akibat terlampau tidak tahu hendak buat apa di office. Beliau mendakwa telah meminta kerja daripada peguam peguam di tempat beliau bekerja akan tetapi peguam peguam semua terlampau sibuk untuk melayan beliau. Beliau kemudianya menjadi terlampau bosan. Lalu mati.

Laporan Disediakan Oleh:

Oct 21, 2009

I Love You.

It's been a while since I last posted an entry on my blog. I was busy for the past month. For the first two weeks of the month I had to prepare and sit for my final exams. Immediately after my finals were over (the next working Monday) I had to report to a law firm smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur to undergo my 3 month legal attachment.

It's 4.35 PM and it's about to rain. In front of me is large glass pane, probably around twelve feet high that acts as a window to the outside world and also as a wall. I can see trees swaying left and right (the wind is pretty strong). I can also see people walking in and out of buildings and just now a bird flew right past by my line of sight.

It's about to rain soon. I can hear thunder, booming and breaking the silence of my office. Everything is so quiet here. I'm listening to The Googoo Dolls' Iris. I love that song. As Johnny Rzeznik sings the opening verse of Iris, all of a sudden my mind flies to a secret place in my head where I keep my heart.

I'm a hopeless romantic. I look around and everything around me reminds me of romance. I could spend hours just sitting on my bed listening to romantic songs, secretly wishing that I'd get the chance to sing it to someone special (who wont throw a shoe at me for having such a horrible voice). When I look at old couples holding hands all I see is everlasting love while others around me would go ew.

What is love? What is my definition of love? I don't have an exact definition of love. I cannot define love. To define love simply means to constrain it. Love is a concept, a feeling so complex, so passionate, so breathtaking, it is undefinable. 

Love can be seen all around us. It can be seen when a couple kiss each other, when a wife kisses her husband's hand before he leaves for work or when a mother hugs her children before they leave for school. However, love is not always visible. Sometimes the most purest of love is not even visible, it's existence kept secret by a fictional facade.

There is only one way to fully understand the true meaning of love. That one way is to experience it.

If I absolutely had to define love, I can only think of one answer.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am 

Sep 12, 2009


There are so many things I would like to change in my life. Out of all the things that I want to change in my life, there's this one thing I'd like to change the most. If I changed this one thing, I am sure I'd be happy for the rest of my life. There is no doubt in my mind that my life would be almost complete if I changed this one thing. I made a mistake. A mistake that will haunt me forever. A mistake that changed my perspective on life from being beautiful, to being melancholic. A view of life that was once positive, beautiful and full of energy is now beautifully melancholic, full of pain, sorrow and regret.

Might as well have a stirling silver dagger pushed painfully slow into my heart. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Sometimes I wish I had lacuna amnesia.

Sep 9, 2009

Ma! Angah nak makan!!

"Mama! Mama dekat mana? Lama dah angah tunggu!!!!!"
"Mama dah nak sampai dah Faisal"

My mom ended up being 5 minutes late picking me up from school. I throwed a tantrum. My mom just kept quiet.

"Ma, hari ni angah nak mama masak sambal tumis ikan bilis, ayam hotel (A type of chicken dish my mom makes). Pastu angah nak bla..bla...bla.....boleh ma?".
"Ok Ahmad, nanti mama masak".

I made my mom cook a billion different dishes for me.

"Ma, tolong bank in duit!!!! Angah kena pakai noww!!!"
"Ok2!!! Mama pergi noww!!!"

My mom stopped doing anything that she was doing at that very moment and rushed to the bank to bank in some money for me.

"*panting* Dah, mama dah letak dah.."
"Thanks maa!!!"

My mom rushed to the bank, and probably jogged from her car to the bank because she's terrified something bad might happen to me if I got the money late.

My mama. The sweetest lady in the whole wide world. She's kind to everyone (We may have to make an exception for her sons girlfriends. She likes to nag to me and Fahmi about the dangers of a creature we young ones nowadays call 'girlfriend'). However, she approves most of them. I think she likes kakak (I call Fahmi's GF that) a lot.

I'm a momma's boy. I admit it. I make my mom do all sort of things for me, just because she's my mom.

"Faisal, boleh ambik adik dekat sekolah?"
"Ok thank you angah"

That was very kind of me to help fetch my brother from school right? Wrong. I made it very clear to my mom that I didnt want to do it.

"Faisal, kemas bilik"
"Ok ma, angah nak baca paper jap"

Ten minutes later when I got up to clean my room, It was already cleaned.

"Faisal, mana baju kotor semua? Bawak naik atas mama nak basuh"
"Ok ma, jap, tengah buat something".

Ten minutes later when I went in to pick up my bags, it wasnt there anymore. My mom came down to pick them up and carried them upstairs be washed.

My mom always do things for me. Even things that are clearly my own responsibility. She never brings up what she has done for me everytime I said no to any favours she asks of me.

I tend overlook at all the wonderful things my mom does for me. I'm writing this down now to remind me, in black and white, to never ever say no to any favours my mom ask of me.

The love between a mother and her children is what I call unconditional love. Your mom will always love you, no matter what you do. I know mine would :)

I have the best, the coolest and the kindest mom in the whole wide world. (And you guys would of course say no Faisal, MY mom is the best, the coolest and the kindest mom in the whole wide world hahaha).

Sep 3, 2009

Why I Call My Grandpa Jadi


No, It's not because I think he's a Jedi.

He's my Mom's dad. Jadi is derived from an arabic word Jaad-Di which literally means my grandfather. My Jadi is 80 this year. Old-ish even for old people.

Anyhu, he was born in Perak to a noble Malay family. His father, my great-grandfather, was the Orang Besar Jajahan (OBJ), one of the Pembesar Berempat of Perak. In simpler terms, the OBJ is one of the four most senior nobles in Perak. The title and position still exists to this present day.

My Jadi is not your average grandpa. He would give long lectures about the slightest most trivial things imaginable. An example would be about washing hands. He would make me stand beside the sink and repeat every single thing he did. If I'm not mistaken, there are about 5 or 6 steps altogether.

Here are a list of things my Jadi prohibits me from doing:

1. Never use the word aku, kau, awak. Guna nama. Lebih sopan dan beradap begitu.

2. Never simpan long hair. Rambut pendek lebih elok. I quote "Faisal, you look so much better like this. Very handsome" - Beaming with pride and pointing happily at my newly cut hair. The only reason I ever cut my hair is because my Jadi dont like it long.

3. Never ever sit in a position where the feet is "high" - Tak menghormati orang.

4. Always bow down when walking in front of older people. It's a sign of respect.

5. The list goes on and on.

More often than not, whenever I walk past/near him, he'd stop me on my tracks and ask me to come nearer to him. He would then proceed with a long lecture (5 Mins at least) about anything and everything imaginable for example like how I have to keep my distance from the car in front while driving or how I needed to check that every single window and door was locked before I go to bed. His most favourite lecture would be a long lecture about how I should be careful to never "mix around with the wrong people".

Most people would be annoyed at having such a fussy grandfather. But not me. I love my Jadi very much. It's very simple why. Because he loves me just as much too. My Jadi has never ever told me that he loves me but I know he does. His actions speaks louder than his words.

When I was a baby, he would hold me for hours on end. He refused to put me down or give me back to my mother. He would just hold me in his arms, cradle me and put me to sleep while standing up. I'm not talking about an hour or two. I'm talking about a few hours.

When I was a small boy, I used to get angry at him. He used to take my toys away from me.

When I was a kid, I couldn't understand why he was being so mean to me. Now I know why. He was afraid that I might injure myself. He took away every toy that in his opinion was dangerous to my well-being. Once, he was so paranoid about me injuring myself, he even took away a plastic sword my dad bought for me (I found the sword ten years later, hidden behind some old boxes on top of a cupboard).

I thought his small lectures would go away as I grew older. Boy Oh Boy was I wrong. He still continues to lecture me on anything and everything imaginable. In the past I would still hear his lectures, but not whole heartedly as most of the time, he'd stop me dead on my tracks while I was on my way to do something else for example, going out etc.

However nowadays, everytime my Jadi stops me dead on my tracks to lecture me about god knows what, I would stop and listen to him attentively. He's not giving me lectures just to have fun at boring me to death. He's giving me lectures so that his grandson would be a successful man some day. He's giving me lectures so that nothing could ever tear me down or beat me to the ground. He's giving me all those lectures just because he simply loves me.

My grandfather is very old now. He spends most of his time praying and sleeping. He was a very handsome man when he was younger (now I know where my dashing good looks come from =p). He's the type of man that never says he loves you, but deep down inside you know he loves you. More than you will ever know.

Aug 30, 2009

Faisal in 10 years

Current physical condition:
172cm tall
33 inch waist
Current eating habit:
Current exercising routine:
22.31 (B.M.I: 25 and above = Overweight)

Past physical condition: (Circa 6 months ago)
172cm tall
31-32 inch waist
Past eating habit:
Fag like. Eating habit almost non-existent
Past exercising routine:
Jogging,everyday,half hour sessions.

I gained 6 kilograms in 6 months. That would translate to 12 Kilograms a year. Multiply that by 10, you will get 120 Kilograms. If I continue with my current lifestyle, I will weigh approximately 180 Kilograms in ten years time. My B.M.I calculation would read a mind-boggling 60.84.

I am living dangerously here. All those teh tariks and late night maggie gorengs are finally taking it's toll on my weight. I can barely fit in my old clothes right now. Thank god I got a baff brother. He's lending me his clothes. I am Fat. Dammit.

I'm going have to buck up soon because if I dont, one day I will end up the one they call "the single fat one" everytime an unknown person asks their friend about me when they see me arriving all alone at weddings and other functions.


Aug 18, 2009

Faisal's a Racist

I was waiting for class to start when I read something on a whiteboard. It read something along the lines of:

"F*ck Malay Special Rights"

Should I reply that provoking statement with another equally provoking statement? Or should I just take the high road and walk away? Maybe I should just hit every Non-Malays I see to vent out my anger?

I walked away in disgust. I was sad, angry and disappointed.

The original architects of "Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu" never had the intention to make the special privileges given to the Malays a permanent one. In fact if I'm not mistaken, Tun Dr.Ismail Abdul Rahman, my political hero, said it deeply embarrassed him that the Malays needed special privileges.

I agree with the late Tun. I am also embarrassed by the fact that the special privileges given to the Malays still exist. It makes us look weak and incompetent. Mind you we are not a weak and incompetent. Look at Petronas for example. A company ran by Malays. It is a Fortune 500 company. It is one of the 100 largest companies in the world. As hard as it is for me to admit it, in my opinion, the Malays still need the special privileges.

The Malays were deprived of so many things when Malaya was under the rule of the British Empire. The Non-Malays were given freedom to open up businesses, set up their own educational institutes with their own educational systems. They were not harassed by the British. They lived a privilege existence under British rule for hundreds of years.

The Malays were however sidelined and banished to the interiors of Malaya. They were told to be farmers. They were poorly educated. The British made sure they were poorly educated because a smart and intelligent Malay race would surely oust them out of Malaya. They made sure we were stupid so that they can suck the resources from our country and use it for their own benefit. They made us feel weak and incompetent through a series of carefully planned schemes.

Here is an example of how the British treated the Malays. Ngah Ibrahim was a very rich Malay. He was a multi-millionaire who actually paid the salary of the then Sultan of Perak. He however committed a crime. His crime was to try oust the British from Perak. As a punishment for his crime, he was banished from Perak and Malaya. This is what happened to rich Malay Patriots.

The British first set foot on Malaysian soil in 1786. The Malays were sidelined, discriminated against and victimized by the British for over 200 years. During this time the Non-Malays were given absolute freedom to prosper and earn a living. It has been about 38 years since the Malays were given special privileges by the government.

Is 38 years of governmental aid enough to compensate 220 years of discrimination and victimization? In my opinion, the answer is no.

The special privileges for the Malays should not be called privileges. This is because they are in fact governmental aids given to a group of Malaysians that are still lagging behind the other races economically. You may argue that they are far more poorer Indians than Malays but look at it from a percentage point of view. There are more rich Indians than poor Indians. The same cannot be said about the Malays.

If you are indeed "colourblind" Why question the aids given to the Malays?
If you are indeed "colourblind" Why would it be so wrong to help the Malays?

I am not a racist. I have many Non-Malay friends who are dear to me. Some of my best friends are Non-Malay.

I am not against the government giving government aids to those who need them. What is so wrong about labelling a group of people that are at the receiving end of governmental aids? There is no such thing as a particular race being side-lined. No race is being dealt with unfairly. There is no such thing as the apartheid here in Malaysia.

Just because helping the Malays achieve economical power is a government agenda, people are labelling the government for practising apartheid. When was the last time you saw a sign saying "Malays only allowed to seat" in a bus? When was the last time you saw a signboard saying "Non-Malays are not allowed to contest in the general election"?.

Name me one race that has become poorer as a result of the new economic policy. I dare you.

Jul 31, 2009

Jam Patek Phillipe Ayah

My dad owns a Patek Phillipe. "You never really own a Patek Phillipe. You merely look after it for the next generation". That tagline says a lot about the quality and prestige of the swiss watchmaker.

We all know how much a Patek Phillipe watch is worth. For all those who dont know, a Patek Phillipe watch can cost hundreds of thousands of ringgit. You certainly will not get one for less than the price of an average family sedan. And I'm talking about foreign made family sedans. Not locally made ones.

However, my dad's Patek Phillipe costs Rm100. Yeap, its fake.

We're nowhere near poor but my dad could never afford a watch that costs the same as his children's education. All four of them. It aches me inside everytime any one of my siblings make fun of my dad's fake Patek Phillipe. I used to make fun of it myself in the past. But I am sure as hell that I will not make fun of it anymore.

Ayah has sacrificed a lot for his family. He never buys anything for himself. Not clothes, not perfumes, not watches not anything really.

Situation 1

"Ayah, kenapa ayah tak beli jam mahal sikit? Go la buy something for you, you work so hard, beli la something as a reward for yourself..baju ke...anything la, go splurgeeee, go buy something expensive for yourself"

"haha, ayah hang mana ada duit nak beli mahal mahal"

I joined him laughing.

"Ayah, aduh!!! Asal ayah pakai baju free pergi KLCC? Jom la we buy something nice for you. This time takyah nak beli yang ada 70% discount. Go get something you like. Sekali sekala beli baju mahal takpela"

"Haha, ayah hang mana ada duit nak beli mahal mahal"

Again, I joined him laughing.

"Ayah!! Raya kot! Tolonglaaaa beli baju lawa lawa sikit for yourself!! Mahal sikit takpela, setahun sekali"

''Haha, ayah hang mana ada duit nak beli mahal mahal"

This time instead of laughing along with him, I said to myself: "Ayah kedekut".

Situation 2

"Ayah, nak four thousand. Nak bayar tution fees"

"Ok, nanti ayah bagi"

"Ayah, angah nanti nak buat practical. Tak nak naik public transport. Ada kereta lagi senang angah nak ulang alik"

"Ok Faisal, nanti kita beli"

"Ayah, angah nak Gen 2, dalam thirty four thousand"

"Ok Faisal, nanti kita pergi book".

"Ayah nak duit beli baju, angah nak yang elok elok sikit"

"Ok Faisal, dua ratus cukup?"

"Ayah, angah dapat 3 pointer. Nak duit hadiah?"

"Ok Faisal, heres three hundred"

"Ayah, angah nak pergi PD dengan kawan kawan, Nak duit?"

"Ok Faisal, berapa ratus nak?"

"Ayah, angah nak beli something mahal sikit. Tak cukup duit. Nak duit?"

"Ok Faisal,berapa ratus hang tak cukup?".

My dad is asleep in his room while I'm outside in our "gazebo" ie a family area surrounded by ceiling high glass panes with an L shaped fish pond surrounding it. We tease my dad about calling the family area a gazebo because it is so obviously not one. When we tease him about calling it his gazebo, he'd go:

''Yela, ayah hang tak dak duit nak buat betul betul".

All of us would break into laughter. My dad would just smile.

That used to be funny. As I grew older making fun of my dad for owning a fake watch, wearing old clothes and being cheap in general suddenly wasnt funny anymore.

He couldve bought an expensive watch for himself instead of buying me (and my brother) a car. He could have sent all of us to public universities and not have to pay tens of thousands of ringgit in tuition fees every single year (My dad firmly belives MMU is the best, Well we are one of the best, we're the only private institution of higher learning in Malaysia that made it top 200 in Asia). He couldve used the hundreds of ringgits (perhaps thousands by now) he gave us to splurge and shop to buy things for himself.

But he didnt. Ayah has never complained about spending so much for us. Not even a sentence of complaint. Not even a word. Not even a sigh.

It never was "Ayah hang mana ada duit nak beli mahal mahal". It has always been "Ayah loves us more than Ayah loves himself ". What we want is more important to him than what he wants.

My dad is not cheap afterall. He does not spend on himself because he wants to save money. Not for himself, but for us. For our education. He wants to make sure we will live a good life in the future.

I'm going to get you a real Patek Phillipe one day.

Thanks dad. You Rock :).

Jul 29, 2009

Ada apa dengan Cinta? Part 2

Gadis D

Gadis D.
Taman Setiawangsa, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Circa 2003

It was around 6pm. I was jogging with my brother around Bukit Setiawangsa. We had jogged for about 40 minutes and were about done. We were heading home to our old house @ Puncak Setiawangsa.We were new there. We had just moved from Taiping, Perak.

As we made our way up a hill, we saw a young lady, presumably our age jogging. She wore dark blue gym pants, a white T and a white cap to match. I was mesmerized. Well, not mesmerized per se but I did stop on my tracks.

My oh my was she cute.

The next morning I saw a familiar face. She was a prefect, and a senior. I spent the entire day busting my brains out trying to remember where I saw her before.

After a few agonizing hours, it struck me.

She was Gadis D I saw jogging yesterday! She wore a tudung to school you see, so that's why it didn't immediately hit me that she was Gadis D when I first saw her earlier.

About a year later, I became a prefect myself. I'd secretly curi curi pandang her when we had our weekly meetings. I'm really good with all this espionage thing. Not once did she catch me curi curi pandang her.

My first crush in the garden city of lights.

Today Gadis D has started working, she graduated about a year ago. We're friends now.

Gadis D was my last serious crush.

The crushes that happened after Gadis D evolved into relationships. Relationships that has now ended.

The difference between the crushes that you have just read about and the relationships after that is that the memories of the crushes that I had will always be sweet ones. Ones where I can think about and laugh at for years to come.

As for the relationships, I cannot laugh about them. There's nothing funny about being dumped or dumping someone.

Jul 28, 2009

Ada apa dengan Cinta? Part 1

Gadis A, Gadis B, Gadis C.

Gadis A.
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Circa 1993-1997

I think I was 5-6 years old when I first laid my eyes on Gadis A. She was sweet, kind and very cute. She was my classmate at Forest Hall Primary School.

During my 3 wonderful years at that school, I cant recall a single conversation I had with her. No guts I tell you. You see, I was horrified of girls. I cant talk to them. Especially the really cute ones (Up to this day this problem has not gone away completely, much to my embarrassment) .

Oh wait a minute..there was this one time she spoke to me. It was during the school assembly. She said sorry. I was sitting in front of her and she accidentally vomited on me.

She was part of the "popular' clique. Along with Lauren, whose grandparents lived in Paris and Rachel. I don't know much about Rachel except that she's pretty.

Gadis B.
Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


It was a hot afternoon/evening-ish. I used to go to Puan Normah's house for tuition. It was a teeny weeny single story bungalow in the suburbs of Ipoh.

I first laid my eyes on Gadis B in a makeshift classroom at the back of Puan Normah's house. It had cement flooring, ugly as hell and smelled just as bad. Mosquitoes were everywhere.When I got there, gadis B was busy writing something. I remembered staring at her throughout the entire 2 hour class.

She had this soft girly look. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but she had this certain gadis ayu quality that just melted me. My first serious crush.

I went back home that day thinking about her day and night. The following year she became my classmate. In true Faisal fashion, I hardly spoke to her.

It's a small world. She's studying in MMU now. She looked a lot like she did the last time I saw her. Which was about ten years ago.

Gadis C
Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


I met Gadis C at Puan Normalina's house. I used to go there for tuiton (Tuition centres are places where one can find love =D).

Gadis C was my first crush in Taiping. You know, when I think about it..I think she had the hots for me too...

I used to message her a lot. I'm not so sure about phone calls, my memory isn't that good but I'm pretty confident that we did call each other a few times. She's smart and pretty.

Basically she's sugar spice and everything nice. Perfect candidate right? WRONG.

Her dad. Her dad is the WRONG in WRONG. Extremely garang. That guy freaked me out and scared me shitless.

One fateful day, my Nokia 3310 rang. "she" was calling me out of the blue. I picked up happily thinking that she wanted to bergayut with me. Instead of her girlish voice, I heard a deep manly snarl on the other end of the line.

"SAPE NI????"

"er......." *gulp* (shit! It's her dad, what am I going to do??)

"SAPE NI????"

"er...." *double gulp**double shit*

"SIAPA INI?????????" *Help me god...*

By the third time he asked "SIAPA NI??", he lost it. He began shouting and cursing. I dont really remember what he said but it wasn't very pleasant. His parting words were:


Good god need to take a chill pill.

Well, that was practically the end of Gadis C's "adventure" with me. We met again a few times at Puan Nurmalina's house but I'm guessing her dad scares her shitless too. Because since the night of "SAPE NI????", there wasn't any more messages from phone nothing.

Jul 24, 2009

Happy Birthday SHAF!!!!

Dah tua dah kamu ye.haha
Pi la daftar undi tuuuu
Tapi jgn ckp hang sokong sapa
Kang hang jadi penduduk Kemunting haha

Jul 20, 2009

Tan Sri Jun!!!

Tan Sri. One of my many nicknames. I am also known as Che' Mat, Sal, Cal, Pecal, Fesal, angah and Jun.

Tan Sri:
Anis calls me Tan Sri. I in turn call her Datin Seri. Classy? haha, uh huh, ok~~

Che' Mat@Ahmad:
My parents call me this. My uncles, aunties and older sibling/cousins simply call me "Mat".
That's a unique feature of my extended family.
All the young male members will be referred to as "Mat" by the senior members of our family.

My younger siblings call me this. My younger cousins also call me this. It's either angah or abangah. In my opinion, angah does not sound as cool as abang. Starting from Tihani (cutest most adorable little girl in the whole wide world), my 4 going to 5 year old cousin, I am trying to train my young baby cousins to call me Abang Faisal.

My common nickname.
It is my nickname of choice.
The nickname I would have on my jersey if I were a Premiership Footballer.
Mat is a true supporter of the nickname Sal. He has publicly announce his hatred for the nickname ''Cal"
Those who call me Sal include: Mat, Zayd and Sue, Peng and Mamu.

My other common nickname.
I personally prefer Sal over Cal...
I make it known that I prefer Sal instead of Cal..but people still keep on calling me Cal.
So I made my peace with it.
Those who call me Cal includes: Fared, Shuq, Tuan Aji Redza, Lai and my housemates.

Rabi calls me Pecal. One day Rabi suddenly out of the blue decided to call me Pecal. It reminded her of a tasty malay salad-like thing. Rabi eats too much.

Somehow the nickname stuck. So everytime I call Rabi or vice versa I would hear:

''Peeccaaalllllll!!!!!!" She likes to shout at people who call her for no apperant reason. Unique one this one.

My third common nickname. Everyone calls me this. There are some abbriviations though.

Example: Rima would sometimes call me Fesalun, Shaf would sometimes call me Fesol.

Sharul calls me Jun. Derived from "Junid".
I call her Surti.
Back in highschool, for some odd reason, my ex-girlfriend used to call me Johnny.
One day, Sharul decided to jawakan the nickname. She sent me a text message while I was lepaking at a friend's house:

"Johnny -> John -> Junid -> Jun"

So i replied:

"Sharulniza -> Sharul -> Surtie -> Su"

That was at least 3 years ago. It's amazing how a thing so trivial can last that long :).

Hey everyone, my name is Mr. Jun =D

Monday July 20th 2009

The weather outside is really hot. Heck, not just outside, it's really hot here inside too.

It's 3.26PM. I have class at 4PM.

God give me strength.


MACC: Murderers?

Maybe. Maybe they did kill him. It's definitely a maybe.

Wait. Hang on a minute.

Why would the government choose to kill a person who they publicly despise in such a controversial manner? A manner so controversial that it made people come up with theories linking his death to the federal government. People all over Malaysia are saying that his death was a government planned murder.

Wouldn't it be so much more easier to play safe and just cut the brake cables of his car? That way not that many people would come up with theories linking the federal government to his death? It'll be so much more easier to cover up. And! No one would be demanding the formation of a Royal Commission to investigate the "murder". Most people would just accept the fact that his death was caused by a" car accident".

Oh. Here's a thought. Maybe he did just accidentally fell off a window while trying to get some fresh air after 8 hours ( I think? ) of interrogation? Maybe he leaned his back on a window, not knowing that the window was unlocked? The window he fell out from is huge by the way. Anyone could have fallen out from it.

Why does everyone have to be so negative and hateful. It may just be an accident. Don't just simply accuse people of murder. It's a very serious accusation. Let the law take it's course.

Let me remind you that the doctors who conducted the post mortem on his body confirmed that his death was caused by injuries he sustained due to the fall. I think it's safe to say that we can probably rule out speculations that he was murdered and his body thrown out of a window to stage a suicide. Unless you want to accuse the result of the post mortem as a government conspiracy...

I support the formation of an independent Royal Commission though. That way everyone would be happy and no one would be shouting foul. Hopefully.

Let's all just hope that no one would accuse the Royal Commission of being just another government conspiracy too....( Nowadays everything is a government conspiracy eh? )

His death saddened many people including myself. I was heartbroken upon learning the fact that he left behind an unborn baby. Emotions are running high all over the country. I hope Ronnie Liu's throat is OK after one heck of a lot of shouting. Classy eh? Barging into a government office, kicking and screaming...nice to know that our EXCO's are sensible and very professional.

Lets all be very civilised here. Don't play blame games. It's not fair for anyone if everyone starts pointing fingers at one another.

May Teoh Beng Hock R.I.P

Was it a murder? Or was it an accident? Hold your judgements for now. It's too early to say anything. May the truth prevail soonish :)

* Writing this piece reminds me of a certain case about a person who was accused of sodomizing a young man. It's the second time he was brought to court to face allegations of committing sodomy. People say it's a government conspiracy.

Honestly people..why sodomy? Why would they use sodomy as a strategy to "kill off" this person's political career? Are you that stupid Mr. Government? No one would ever buy that crap.

Why would you falsely accuse a person of a crime he was acquitted off in the past for the second freaking time? It would be so much more easier to just accuse him of something that he wasn't accused of and subsequently acquitted from in the past. Every Tom Dick and Harry knows that.

BUT WAIT! Maybe...just maybe..the government isn't that stupid ( honestly, who is?) after all ?. Maybe there isn't any government conspiracy? Maybe he did commit the crime?

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. The truth will come out sooner or later :)

I just hope that people think using their logic and not their emotions. When emotions defeat logic, you tend to (and you will) lose so much.

Jul 18, 2009


I am 21 years old.

Jul 17, 2009

Week 4: Miss Manique Cooray, Mr. Felix Idrissa Bigirimana, Mr. Ahmad Aqeil.

Week 4, Scene 1,Miss Manique Cooray:

7.30am: Woke up
7.40am: Showered
8.10am: Arrived in class
8.20am: "Faisal....what are you doing?" "You don't belong in this class do you?"
8.40am: "Faisal, I want to see you after class"
8.41am: *gulp*


"Faisal...what are you doing?"

"Sorry ma'am...I woke up late..."

" are way way behind...even behind my weakest don't belong in that category of students...I have said what I needed to say. You do not belong with the weak students. Now it is up to you to change"

WHAM! That was all I needed to motivate me. "You don't belong in that category of students"...It's a wonder how a simple but honest statement from your lecturer can change you inside.

I know I will be snapped at angrily by Miss Manique many many more times this semester but I dont mind. It's for my own good. Thank you ma'am.

Week 4, Scene 2, Mr. Felix Idrissa Bigirimana:

7.30am: Woke up
7.45am: Showered
8.10am: Arrived in class

"Excuse me, what are you doing here? Are you sure you are in the right class?"
"Err..yes sir...I'm sorry I'm late"
"You have missed 4 cannot pass...I will not give you participation marks"



"Sir..I am sorry..."

"Why did you miss so many classes..."


"You are a good cannot go on like this or your grades will suffer..."
"I know you are a good student....don't put that to waste...please study hard because only then can you succeed in life brother"

WHAM! "I know you are a good student"

That simple sentence made me want to study harder....I went back and I straight away opened my lecture notes and studied for 3 hours straight....and I haven't stopped studying on a regular basis since then.

Mr.Felix, thank you for those much needed words of encouragement. Honestly.

Week 4, Scene 3, Mr. Ahmad Aqeil:

5.00pm: "Sir...I'm sorry I missed so many classes"

5.00pm: "Why did you miss so many classes?"

5.01pm: "I've had some personal problems...I don't want to be in MMU"

* Mr.Aqeil gave a long speech about how to succeed in life, how I need to finish off my degree here in MMU. I told him I wanted to be a politician. He said politics is very hard.

"You need to be very smart". "So you need to study very hard. I told him I'm not THAT passionate about my law degree. I told him I liked political science. He straight away said "Look around you. Most of the politicians nowadays are lawyers". He gave Barack Obama as an example.

He said something along the line of no pain no gain. He told me a story about his friend, a medical student who studied under street lights because his family couldnt afford to pay high electricity bills. He told me his friend was focused and nothing distracted him from his goal.

"If a human being really focuses on something, there is nothing that he cannot do"

I could see the passion in his eyes, how much he wanted to lift me out from a dump and put me in a better place. I could see how hard he tried to convince me that I should stay focused, study hard and be a successful person.

Earlier he told the class: " I would very much like to see my students ending up as ministers...and saying things like, "Sir, please come and ride with me in my BMW".

He later said, "However, I would not like it so much if one day you say: "Sir, please come and ride with me in my Saga".

The whole class laughed.

5.17pm: "Do not worry about your attendance. I just hope I will see much change from you"

Thanks Mr.Aqeil for helping me. You're one cool lecturer.

The three scenes that happened above really motivated me. I'm gonna rock my world. Wish me luck :)

Jul 16, 2009

Najib Razak

To be honest, I'm a supporter of UMNO. However, just because i support UMNO, it does not mean i support UMNO blindly. There are certain UMNO leaders that i loathe. However, I am a firm supporter of our Prime Minister.

People can say what they want about Datuk Seri Najib, but the fact is this ladies and gentleman: There are no strong evidence that can convict him of abetting with the murder of a certain Mongolian model.

People make up stories about people they don't like. My philosophy is simple. It's an ancient Roman philosophy if I'm not mistaken.

"Innocent until proven guilty". So, in accordance with that philosophy, in my opinion, Datuk Seri Najib is innocent of all accusations thrown against him by people who don't like him.

People may argue that the only reason Najib is not behind bars right now is because the Royal Malaysian Police is afraid of him. That reason seems to be very believable because well, he's the darn DPM (then) for god's sake. A very powerful man. And because of that, i think it's perfectly OK for people to accuse him of abetting with the murder of the Mongolian model. Because it's believable.

With all that being said, i want to ask you. How sure are you? Are you a hundred percent sure that he ordered the killing of the poor Mongolian model? Are you a hundred percent sure that the source where you got the "information" linking Najib to the murder is not telling lies?

Are you a hundred percent sure the source you got your information from got his source from a trustworthy person? If you are not sure or if you cannot come up with concrete evidence, by all means, give the dude a break.

He just passed his 100 days in office and things are looking pretty good. The man is clearly doing his job properly. It's high time we stop reading political shits that cannot be proven true.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has yet to produce evidence. I've read somehwere that he's a bankrupt. Why oh why are you people relying on information from this man who has got zero credibility? Who is RPK? What has he done for the country?

Simple. The answer is nothing. He talks or more accurately writes a lot, blaming people there, accusing people here, generally complaining about oh so many things. Markings of a great man? Nope. More like the markings of a sad middle-aged bankrupt.

He is championed by the opposition just because he is on their side. Believe me, if RPK was on the government's side, the opposition will be asking everyone high and low about RPK's credibility.

Wake up Malaysia, before it's too late.


Why the hell durian? Why not a name that actually means something? Like "youth of today" or "tree hugger"?

Well, let me tell you a thing or two about the horrendously ugly yet addictive and super tasty fruit called the durian.

You see, durians are loved in Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore,some parts of Southern Thailand and...........the list stops there. It is loathed, hated and shunned upon in every other country on the face of planet earth. Most of the time, it's because of the smell.

Western durian haters labeled the fruit as foul smelling. Disgustingly revolting they would say. They even went as far as banning the darn fruit from their airports and their aeroplanes. A western reality TV show even made eating a darn ulas of durian a's either you chose to eat an ulas of durian or a pair of boiled bull testicles: some of them opted for the pair of divine tasting bovine balls.

You see, that's the beauty of this god-awful looking fruit. It looks just about as appetizing as a plate of deep fried bull balls on the outside.

BUT. Once you peeled off the thick outer layer of the fruit, you'll gain access to little ulases of heaven, in the form of yellow,creamy,moist and sweet "nuggets". Those westerners have absolutely no idea what they're missing on. Oh well, that probably means there will be more for us so im not complaining.

Durians to me, are also a symbol of racial harmony and cooperation between the races in Malaysia. Malays, Chinese,Indians and all the other races living in Malaysia loves to eat durian.

Loving to eat the fruit is one of the things all the races in Malaysia have in common.

Durian. A symbol of national unity and a 'lesson' which teaches us to not judge a book it's cover.

Those are the reasons why i chose durian as a nickname.

Hello =)

idk wht to write.toodles.