Jul 20, 2009

Tan Sri Jun!!!

Tan Sri. One of my many nicknames. I am also known as Che' Mat, Sal, Cal, Pecal, Fesal, angah and Jun.

Tan Sri:
Anis calls me Tan Sri. I in turn call her Datin Seri. Classy? haha, uh huh, ok~~

Che' Mat@Ahmad:
My parents call me this. My uncles, aunties and older sibling/cousins simply call me "Mat".
That's a unique feature of my extended family.
All the young male members will be referred to as "Mat" by the senior members of our family.

My younger siblings call me this. My younger cousins also call me this. It's either angah or abangah. In my opinion, angah does not sound as cool as abang. Starting from Tihani (cutest most adorable little girl in the whole wide world), my 4 going to 5 year old cousin, I am trying to train my young baby cousins to call me Abang Faisal.

My common nickname.
It is my nickname of choice.
The nickname I would have on my jersey if I were a Premiership Footballer.
Mat is a true supporter of the nickname Sal. He has publicly announce his hatred for the nickname ''Cal"
Those who call me Sal include: Mat, Zayd and Sue, Peng and Mamu.

My other common nickname.
I personally prefer Sal over Cal...
I make it known that I prefer Sal instead of Cal..but people still keep on calling me Cal.
So I made my peace with it.
Those who call me Cal includes: Fared, Shuq, Tuan Aji Redza, Lai and my housemates.

Rabi calls me Pecal. One day Rabi suddenly out of the blue decided to call me Pecal. It reminded her of a tasty malay salad-like thing. Rabi eats too much.

Somehow the nickname stuck. So everytime I call Rabi or vice versa I would hear:

''Peeccaaalllllll!!!!!!" She likes to shout at people who call her for no apperant reason. Unique one this one.

My third common nickname. Everyone calls me this. There are some abbriviations though.

Example: Rima would sometimes call me Fesalun, Shaf would sometimes call me Fesol.

Sharul calls me Jun. Derived from "Junid".
I call her Surti.
Back in highschool, for some odd reason, my ex-girlfriend used to call me Johnny.
One day, Sharul decided to jawakan the nickname. She sent me a text message while I was lepaking at a friend's house:

"Johnny -> John -> Junid -> Jun"

So i replied:

"Sharulniza -> Sharul -> Surtie -> Su"

That was at least 3 years ago. It's amazing how a thing so trivial can last that long :).

Hey everyone, my name is Mr. Jun =D


  1. hamboii~~banyaknya nama..

    btw aku rasa aku panggil hang sal..stand for salmah.hahhaa

    whatsoever urname is what i kno is u're one of my bestie..x0x0!

    **lepaih ni aku nak panggil hang semah plak laa.=p

  2. haha, awat tak panggil salamiah hassan terus aserap!!!

    haha, ure one of mine too sharepuddenn, kawan yg paling aku banyak merapu dengan haha =)

  3. baiklaaaahh kak saal oiii...ni esok dtg kelaih naaa~hahhaha.

  4. fesalul kukuru- nama korea faisal. hehehe