Jul 27, 2010

People I know with their own personal theme songs.

My head is a weird place, full of fantasies, dumb thoughts and music. There is so much music in my head that I have theme songs for the people in my life. For example, if I have a crush on a girl, than that girl will have a specific theme song. Whenever I hear her specific theme song on the radio or on youtube, I'd automatically think about her. 

The same thing happens when she walks past by me and when my eyes are glued to her face. During the eyes glued to face period, the world seemed to move so slowly. It's almost like a powerful metaphysical force had pressed the "slowdown" button on life. And during this time, her theme song would play in my head. Sometimes, I'd subconsciously sing her song out loud, much to the annoyance of anyone around me, since my voice is toad like.

Top-5 Romantic theme songs for various people I know *wink wink*:

1. You'll be safe here - Rivermaya.
2. To be with you - Mr.Big.
3. Wonderwall - Oasis.
4. Warisan Wanita Terakhir - Teacher's Pet.
5. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton.

Yes. The list is short. This is due to the fact that in my 22 years of living, I've only had 2 serious girlfriends, 1 meaningless fling and 1 serious crush. 

How about you guys? What are your theme songs for your respective gf/bf's? 

Jul 22, 2010

Top 5 Plate Number Idaman Saya.

5.PU3-For future queen of heart.

4.AFR 7-Initials and favorite number.

3.WTF 7-Gangster sikit. Everyone knows what the acronym WTF stand for.

2.MAF14-Lagi gangster. Baru mafia betul!

1.JED1-For the star wars geek inside me :)

Most unwanted number plate: BAB1.

2nd most unwanted number plate:PEN15

Most wanted but impossible to get number plate: LFC 9. (LFC  = Liverpool Football Club, 9 refers to Fernando Torres's jersey number)

Most disgusting number plate in existence: MAW1.

Coolest number plate seen: YAB PERDANA MENTERI MALAYSIA.


Whats your number idaman? haha

Jul 9, 2010

Happy Birthday.

9th July 2010:

When I as a kid, I was taught that once a year on my birthday, I could make one birthday wish. Most of the time I'd ask for an action figure or two. 

But today's not my birthday. So lets not talk about me. 

What's the ultimate birthday wish? Is it a Bugatti Veyron? Or is it a mansion somewhere in the French countryside? What is the ultimate birthday wish? Is it a hundred billion US Dollars? Or is it a complete LV luggage set?

So what is the ultimate birthday wish?

B.O.B - Airplanes
What would you wish for if you had one chance? 
So airplanes airplanes 
Sorry I'm late 
I'm on my way 
So don't close that gate 
If I don't make that 
Then I switch my flight 
And I'll be right back at it 
By the end of the night 

Can we pretend that airplanes 
In the night sky 
Are like shooting stars 
I could really use a wish right now 
Wish right now, wish right now 
Can we pretend that airplanes 
In the night sky 
Are like shooting stars 
I could really use a wish right now 
Wish right now, wish right now

For me the ultimate birthday wish is the wish itself. That would give me the ultimate freedom to wish for anything. To define the meaning of a perfect gift, does nothing but to constrain it. 

If you had one chance, what would be your perfect birthday wish?

Happy birthday . Pretend all the airplanes in the night skies are shooting stars, maybe you'll use them for a wish or two.

Jul 7, 2010

Kenapa manusia perlukan cinta.

Kenapa manusia perlukan cinta?
Cinta datang
Cinta pergi
Cinta menyakitkan
Kenapa manusia perlukan cinta?

Kenapa manusia perlukan cinta?
Cinta membuatkan kita menangis
Cinta membuatkan kita buta
Jadi kenapa manusia perlukan cinta?

Tanpa cinta kita mati
Tanpa cinta kita cuma sekujur tubuh kaku
Tanpa Perasaan
Tanpa Jiwa

Tapi bagi aku jawapanya bukan seribu
Aku perlukan cinta
Hanya kerana satu
Kerana aku mahu kamu.

Jul 2, 2010

Saying goodbye to a peach tree.

I once had a peach tree. Peach trees are rare in Malaysia, perhaps even non-existent. But I had my own personal peach tree.

It was a very special tree. If I had any problems or when my mind is messed up, I'd go to my peach tree and find solace there. When life gave me lemons, my peach tree gave me the sweetest peaches there is. It made the overwhelming sourness of the lemons go away.

One day, I went to my peach tree. When I arrived, I saw my peach tree all fenced up, behind a metal fence with barbed wires. On the fence there was a sign. It read:

"Goodbye Faisal, I can't be your peach tree anymore"

Before I went away, I hung a small piece of paper on that metal fence. It read:

"Goodbye Peachy. Thank You for being there for me whenever I needed you. I'm gonna miss you. Love,Booky"

So I left my own personal peach tree. As I walked away I smiled a faint smile, and a single drop of tear fell from my eye.

But then I paused. I turned around and looked back at my own personal peach tree. I smiled again and quietly whispered to myself..

"You'll be safe here"