Sep 9, 2009

Ma! Angah nak makan!!

"Mama! Mama dekat mana? Lama dah angah tunggu!!!!!"
"Mama dah nak sampai dah Faisal"

My mom ended up being 5 minutes late picking me up from school. I throwed a tantrum. My mom just kept quiet.

"Ma, hari ni angah nak mama masak sambal tumis ikan bilis, ayam hotel (A type of chicken dish my mom makes). Pastu angah nak bla..bla...bla.....boleh ma?".
"Ok Ahmad, nanti mama masak".

I made my mom cook a billion different dishes for me.

"Ma, tolong bank in duit!!!! Angah kena pakai noww!!!"
"Ok2!!! Mama pergi noww!!!"

My mom stopped doing anything that she was doing at that very moment and rushed to the bank to bank in some money for me.

"*panting* Dah, mama dah letak dah.."
"Thanks maa!!!"

My mom rushed to the bank, and probably jogged from her car to the bank because she's terrified something bad might happen to me if I got the money late.

My mama. The sweetest lady in the whole wide world. She's kind to everyone (We may have to make an exception for her sons girlfriends. She likes to nag to me and Fahmi about the dangers of a creature we young ones nowadays call 'girlfriend'). However, she approves most of them. I think she likes kakak (I call Fahmi's GF that) a lot.

I'm a momma's boy. I admit it. I make my mom do all sort of things for me, just because she's my mom.

"Faisal, boleh ambik adik dekat sekolah?"
"Ok thank you angah"

That was very kind of me to help fetch my brother from school right? Wrong. I made it very clear to my mom that I didnt want to do it.

"Faisal, kemas bilik"
"Ok ma, angah nak baca paper jap"

Ten minutes later when I got up to clean my room, It was already cleaned.

"Faisal, mana baju kotor semua? Bawak naik atas mama nak basuh"
"Ok ma, jap, tengah buat something".

Ten minutes later when I went in to pick up my bags, it wasnt there anymore. My mom came down to pick them up and carried them upstairs be washed.

My mom always do things for me. Even things that are clearly my own responsibility. She never brings up what she has done for me everytime I said no to any favours she asks of me.

I tend overlook at all the wonderful things my mom does for me. I'm writing this down now to remind me, in black and white, to never ever say no to any favours my mom ask of me.

The love between a mother and her children is what I call unconditional love. Your mom will always love you, no matter what you do. I know mine would :)

I have the best, the coolest and the kindest mom in the whole wide world. (And you guys would of course say no Faisal, MY mom is the best, the coolest and the kindest mom in the whole wide world hahaha).


  1. heheheh..nice post (:

    yea,appreciate mom while we have the time..I LOVE my mummy too ^__^

  2. hang la anak pemalaihhh~

    sal aku pon slalu cam tu gak..mak aku suh wat apa2 selalu la aku delay..last2 mak aku da buatkan.hehe.

  3. bihah: haha kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, i pun baru laa nak repay back everything my mom buat for me haha

    shap: hahaha, hang laaaa kawan aku yang paaaaaaling jujur hendaknya haha, takpala dik noor, mailahhh kita jadi anak yang lebih elok

  4. Faisal,

    This is a very moving entry. I have tears in my eyes reading this.

    Yes, your Mama is something, alright... I'm glad you've come to realize and appreciate that...