Nov 23, 2009

2 guys. 2 adam's apple. and a pair of breasts.

So there I was in KLCC. In Isetan to be exact. I was looking for some work pants when I saw this exceedingly hot female walking in front of me. She was holding hands with a scrawny "Blink and the wind generated might blow me away" looking guy.

No offence to the guy but his looks....don't jive with the fact that he's holding hands with a Megan Fox body double. In my head I was thinking, Love knows no boundaries. Maybe she's just a hot girl who has been lied to, cheated at, taken advantage of by a list of playboys aka jerks. Maybe now she doesn't care about looks. Maybe now she just wants a guy with a good heart. A guy that loves her for what's inside.

Beautiful right? Wrong. A few minutes later I found out the reason why the Megan Fox body double was holding hands with a scrawny dude with an overbite so severe, he could win 100 meter sprints by just opening his mouth. Here's the reason why.

The Megan Fox Body double report card:

                              Marks:      Remarks:
1. Model-like body.             10        HOT
2. Womanly Curves.              9.5       HOT
3. Toned thighs.                9.5       HOT
4. Toned arms.                  9.5       HOT
5. Long, silky hair.            10        HOT
6. Has a penis.                 ???!!!    ??!!!


Further comments:
The Megan Fox body double probably has a penis since she is actually a he who has transformed herhimself into a she. She looks like a she, walks like a she, dresses like a she but most probably pees standing up. So that's why she's holding hands with the scrawny dude. No good-looking guy in the right state of mind would ever, ever go on a date with a dude, let alone hold hands with one.

It is their choice to be whatever they want. It's their choice to be with whoever they want. It's their right to be happy . It's their life. I and a few hundred people at Isetan on that fateful day don't mean to stare or pass judgement. I mean who am I to judge people right?

But it's so hard not to stare at a dude with C-cup breasts. 


  1. hahaha.C-Cup??tu diaaa?implan besaq.haha. patot kamu tanya "tulen?" mesti dia kata "tulen bangggg!" haha.

  2. gia: hahaha kaaaannnnnn, you should hear his voice.."ni berapa ringgit ni?"...suara mcm darth vader -.-" deep gila.haha.

  3. shaf: hahaha,kang dia jawab pertanyaan aku dgn penampo bapok mcm mana? org dia tinggi kurang2 5 kaki sebelaih...mampuih aku kena hambat ngan bapok tu shap oii haha

  4. hahahaha..glad i opened this page..wave to ya*

  5. haha,im glad you opened it toooo =D *waves back =)))

  6. baru terperasan u reply comment..u know wot..i buat part time kat 1 restaurant ni la..then, ade 2 kakak ni...cun ok..kalah i...order pasta kat other staff,nepalese dengan suara darth vader die..n nepal tu tgk kat i..dengan pandangan plain + blur + kompius...i pon kompius jugak..sebab sgt cantekkkk