Dec 22, 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday baby :) i love you with all my hearttt heee

Dec 10, 2011

Apabila Azan memanggil.

Satu ketika dahulu apabila azan memanggil aku buat tidak tahu sahaja. Aku hormat Azan. Aku jawab Azan tetapi aku ignore segala isi kandungan Azan itu. Azan mengajak aku bersolat, aku lebih suka duduk di kedai kopi hisap rokok bersembang dengan teman-teman aku. Jika tidak, aku tidur sahaja.

Ketika Azan memanggil, aku memekakkan telinga dan jiwa aku daripada seruan Allah SWT. Aku memekakkan telinga dan jiwa aku dari Tuhan aku sendiri.

Mungkin aku rasa seperti mahu hidup selama lamanya. Mungkin aku rasa mati itu tak mungkin datang menjemputku. Mungkin aku rasa aku lebih berkuasa menentukan hidup aku dari pencipta aku sendiri.

Aku lupa diri, aku lupa tuhan aku, aku lupa Rasul aku, aku lupa agama aku, aku lupa segala ajaran ibu bapa aku.

Apabila agama aku diperli atau dihina oleh sesiapa di luar sana aku pantas melawan balik. Aku pantas bangun seolah olah aku ini lah pelindung agama suci Allah SWT ini. Akan tetapi, tatkala aku melalui sebuah masjid yang sedang melaungkan azan, aku hanya lalu tanpa memperdulikan isi kandungan azan itu.

Baru aku sedar. Yang membinasakan agama aku bukan penghina, pencacai macai bagai di luar sana. Yang membinasakan agama aku adalah aku sendiri.

Dalam perjalanan balik dari Melaka ke Kuala Lumpur, aku bersembang dengan bapa ku. Tiba-tiba aku tanya dia mengenai kekayaan dunia. Dia tanpa menoleh ke arah aku, menjawab aku dengan sepotong ayat sahaja:

"Semua ini adalah sementara. Tolong jangan lupa"

Aku pembinasa agama Allah SWT di dunia ini. Aku meruntuhkan tiang-tiang agama. Dalam perjalanan balik ke Kuala Lumpur itu, aku rasa Tuhan ku yang Maha Esa telah menyentuh hati aku. Mulai hari itu, aku tidak lagi meninggalkan solat.

Ya Allah, ampunkan hamba mu ini ,aku tidak akan meninggalkan agama aku lagi. Aku takkan ignore seruan Azan.

 Aku tidak ingin menjadi pemusnah agama ku, aku tidak ingin menjadi seorang hero di dunia tetapi seorang hamba hina yang disiksa, dipijak di siat kulitnya di api neraka.

Bagi yang menanya tentang sebab aku post entry ini, sebabnya simple sahaja. Aku perlu ingatkan diri aku serta orang lain di dunia ini supaya jangan lupakan Allah SWT kerana ajal maut bukan di tangan kita. Jika ada yang terdetik nak berubah apabila baca entry ini, Alhamdulillah, tujuan aku telah sempurna.

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

Dec 8, 2011

My dream wedding.

My dream wedding would be on a cliff, somewhere in the enchanted Island of Langkawi,crystal clear blue waters in the back drop, a sunny cloudless sky. It wont be hot though, the wedding will take place on a cliff where giant shady trees grow. There will be less than 100 guests. The closest of family and the bestest of friends only. Bruno Mars will be playing in the back ground and my bride to be standing beside me. Fiona.

That would be my dream wedding if I had a few hundred thousand ringgit to spare. If I don't than my wedding must have at least one of these:

1.  White tents. Not the ugly canvas tents. White tents with fabric roof. Too keep the sunshine out while pleasing on the eyes.
2. Must take place in a place other than a community hall. Not necessarily hotels or clubs. Just somewhere nice and tranquil. Perhaps a forest reserve somewhere near the city.
3. Live band. This is a must.
4.My family and friends.
5.My two cats.
6.A piano somewhere with a pianist. Playing oh so romantic songs such as Canon in D.

I'll be graduating soon. Although its normally girls who are excited as hell about weddings I cant help but to feel really excited about mine too nevermind the fact I have absolutely nooooooo idea when I'm getting married. I am not one hundred percent certain about when I'll get married but the one thing I'm certain of is who I'm marrying. There is not one girl on earth that can replace my Fiona.

I love you to bits sweetheart :)

As fun as it is planning my own future dateless venue-less guest list-less wedding, I know deep down inside that I'll only get to choose what color boxers I'll be wearing on that day because yes, the bride to-be will decide everything and anything. Hmmm..I guess writing this entry was a waste of time since I'll most probably not get a say.....but hey, as long as she's happy, I'm happy. If Allah permits and Insyallah He will, one day I'll be rich enough to give Fiona anything her heart desires.

She wants the world, she gets the world. Because my world would never be complete without her in it.

ps to my bestfriend su, congratulations on your upcoming soon to be engagemnt. I expect nothing less than front row VVIP seats :P

Dec 4, 2011

How to be Cool: A brief Guide.

I have never seen myself as a cool person (that is most probably because I'm not). So, with me not being the coolest kid on the block, is my life worth living? Or is my life just a waste of space? I'm gonna write in brief about an observation I made....

Being "Cool" used to be important when I was growing up. I could clearly see the difference between the cool kids, the average joes and the so-called losers. But at 23 years of age, the lines get blurred. 

In final year of uni, the lines get blurred. In the working world, roles are switched. The nerdy loner suddenly becomes a CEO (cool points up by 100%) while the cool but dumb guys dumb and poor (cool points evaporate to zero percent). 

Life is a wheel. All of us are given an opportunity to be cool. Its just a question of when and in which point of time in life. This of course does not apply to everyone in every circumstances. Some were born cool, lived a cool life and died as George Best. Only upon death did you and your coolness part dear George. 

Where I study, most of the cool kids never finish their studies on time. Its always the nerds and unpopular ones that graduate on time and scores top marks in exams. During their time in campus, no one really gave two hoots about who they were. Its when they graduate that people started to realize how cool it was to be them. Young, successful, earning lots of moolah while their so called cool batch mates are still stuck as undergraduates. Extending their asses off.

My point? My point is, no one stays as the cool kid until they die and no one stays as the loser until they die. Therefore I learned that if you see yourself and other people as being cooler than any other individual out there, than you are a joke. Say no to stereotyping :)

How to be cool:

Step 1: There aren't any. 
Step 2: look at "Step 1"

IN THE WISE WORDS OF EMINEM: "Don't let em say you aint beautiful. They can all get fucked just stay true to you.

.....I will live by that. And so should you :)