Dec 4, 2009

Drugs, Sex and Rock n Roll...oh and alcohol.



AGE                : 13-15 years old.
ENGLISH ACCENT     : Standard fake American accent [over enunciated "R"]
LIKES              : Shopping, make up, spending rich dad's money and boys.
DRESS CODE         : Anything revealing. The less fabric, the better.
                                         The more expensive, the better.


AGE                : 13-15 years old.
ENGLISH ACCENT     : Slight Malay accent ie "the" sounds like "de".    
LIKES              : More or less the same as the Bangsar tweens. 
DRESS CODE         : Head scarf, tight top and hip hugging jeans *a generalization

I was walking around at The curve with my family when I wondered off away from the pack to visit a place where I call my second home, my sanctuary, my sanctum, my place of peace and tranquillity. Other people however call it a book-store.

Anyhow, on my way there, I stumbled upon a group of young tweenage girls who wore skimpy revealing outfits. Short skirts, Spaghetti tops etc. They spoke English with a very fake American accent. I could tell that their dad's were rich. Rich people have an "I'm rich" aura glowing around them. Plus I saw at least two of them using a Nokia N95 8 gig (Expensive phone weyh!). So I put 2 and 2 together and concluded that they were rich kids. Probably from Bangsar or Bukit Damansara.

Near them was a group of your average Malay tweens. They were eyeing the Bangsar tweens with a disgusted look on their faces. As I passed the Bangsar tweens (They wore too much perfume) and got nearer to the average Malay tween group I could hear them say amongst themselves "Menyampah aku tengok" and "Konfirm dah rosak". I just rolled my eyes and walked away.

On one side we have a group of skimpy outfit wearing tweens and on the other, we have a group of decently dressed Malay tweens. One group is out enjoying themselves, not disturbing anyone while the other group is busy bad mouthing other people. Which group is bitch-like? The Bangsar tweens or the average Malay tweens?

You see, just because one is decently dressed, it doesn't make him or her a better human being, nor does it make him or her a better Muslim. Muslims don't bad mouth other people unprovoked. I'm no Islamic scholar but I do know one thing: covering up will not guarantee you paradise. And I'm pretty sure bad mouthing others unprovoked is a big sin.

I was sore at the group of average Malay tweens because they concluded that the Bangsar tweens were confirmed underage little sluts just by looking at how they dressed. They made their own conclusion purely based on what they see. That can't be right can it?

Don't get me wrong though. Covering up is the right thing to do. Whatever the Quran says, I'm all for it. I'm no pious Muslim, but whatever the Quran says, that's how I aspire to live my life. I may have hit a few bumps along the way but ultimately the Muslim way of life is how I want to live my life.

Even so, no one has the right to judge others purely based on how they look. To me, the average Muslim tween group was an embarrassment to Islam. What they did a.k.a mengumpat belakang was a heinous act. I was disgusted by their thoughts @ they are better than the Bangsar tweens just because their clothing is more decent.

Good Muslims will make very good human beings. However, bad Muslims will not necessarily make bad human beings. Even if a Muslim lived the rockstarr lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock n roll....and alcohol, it only makes him a very bad Muslim, not a very bad human being. He may not pray or fast but he may have helped others by donating his time, energy or money for charitable purposes.

Princess Diana wasn't even a Muslim but all of us know how kind-hearted she was, how she helped many others when she was still alive and how she touched thousands if not millions of people with her acts of kindness.

The concept of bad Muslim and bad human being are not intertwined. People need to know how to differentiate between the two. At least that's what I think.