Nov 16, 2009

Soul piercing compositions.

Songs. They make us laugh, they make us smile. They inspire us, they make us feel strong. They also make us cry, make us feel weak. It's 2.39am in the morning and I'm still awake. I am extremely tired but for some odd reason I'm unable to sleep. I'm struggling to find the reason as to why I'm still wide awake when my head tells me to sleep, when my body tells me that I'm exhausted. I think I may have found the answer.

Every night before I go to bed I would listen to my walkman (yes, you iPod worshippers, my walkman. I don't believe in spending more on a device just because everyone think it's cool, it's a waste of money.) I'm listening to one particular song over and over again. A song I hold dear in my heart because it reminds me of special times.

I find my mind wondering off to faraway places every time I listen to this particular song. I would be drifting in and out of memories. I would actively memory "hop", non-stop. I'm still wide awake at 2.56am in the morning simply because my mind is over-active at a time where it's supposed to be shutting down and falling asleep.

I ask myself,why am I listening to this song when it's keeping me awake? I have to wake up in 4 hours. After that there will be no more sleep from 9am to 6pm. I needed enough sleep to get me through tomorrow. Again I ask myself, why am I still listening to this particular song? In true Faisal fashion, my mind began drifting away again, trying to find the answer as to why I refuse to not listen to this particular song and just fall asleep.

Then it hit me. I'm listening to this particular song over and over again simply because I wanted to be reminded of the special times it reminds me off. I wanted to be stuck in a moment. I'm listening to this particular song over and over again so that I could relive the feelings I had then, when smiling was the easiest thing to do.

Listening to the same song over and over again simply meant that I wanted to spend a little more time in a memory that has since passed.

Songs make us frown, they make us laugh. They put smiles on our faces and also tears in our eyes.

But for me, every single song has a story behind it. A memory underneath it that will resurface every single time it's listened to.

Perhaps that's why I'm listening to this particular song. So that I could relive something. Something that puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

Songs are powerful compositions that are heard by the ear. Songs are powerful compositions that are interpreted by the mind. Songs are powerful compositions that pierce the soul.


  1. lagu apelah?? my current playlist::
    1.kris dayanti - menanti cinta...
    2.melly ft amee - ketika cinta bertasbih..

    mmg layan.. 4 hari dh dgr berulang2..

    i cant agree more with this entry.. mmg its the power of music n songs.. buat kite terbuai-buai layan blues.. adoii..

  2. haha,kaaaaaaaaaaaaaan masturahh,aku kadang2 dengar lagu leh terbang merata rata dalam minda =.=" imaginasiku sungguh aktive =)
    aku tgh download the songs yang hang listening to right now =D

  3. best an??? haha.. ada dua kemungkinan..

    1 - layannnn... (mungkin kalau kau dah tgk cite "ketika cinta bertasbih" tuh kau mesti bertambah layan..)ataupun..

    2 - kau mmg tak layan lagu jiwang camtuh.. hehe

  4. no doubt!!songs cure my heart when its bleed. makes me strong when i helpless and help me to go thru every kind of situation :D.

  5. mas:aku layan jea lagu2 sedemikian haha, belummmm tengokkk!!! cerita apa tuuuu? indun kah?

    shaf: yeah man! hi-5! tapi hang suka dengaq H.I.M....kang dari sedih jadi deoression teruih..dah tu pi dengaq lagu2 pasai kematian.haha.