Nov 3, 2009

"As long as you make a good husband"

I was facebooking with my wanna (me youngest aunty from me mom's side). We were merapu-ing as usual when I realized that I will not make a good wife. I cant:

4.Iron clothes.

The above four are the four essential wifely duties.

Wanna said it's ok but she told me instead to make sure that I'll make a good husband. 

So there I was, sitting in my chair wondering about things I shouldn't be wondering about such as marriage and having kids. 

What makes a good husband? 

I then subsequently realized that I wont make a very good husband either. This is because wives tend to want their husbands to help in four essential areas, which are:

4.Ironing clothes.

So there I was, sitting in my chair wondering again about the many divorces I predict I'll go through when I'm all grown up. Due to my lack of "essential four" skills. My future looked bleak. Dammit.

But then as I started to swivel down into dark dark thoughts about my impending divorce(s), I came to realize that I am only 21 years old. I still have a lot of time to sharpen my "essential four" skills. My future doesn't look so bleak after all.

As my heart regained control of my head, I thought to myself, I may not have the "essential four" skills but I think, I think I think...I know that whoever ends up marrying me, I will love with all my heart, body and soul and that I'll give her nothing short of the world.

I may not know how to cook or clean, but I sure as hell know how to love =).


  1. Auwww boy.Although you can't cook,clean and etc,you confessed that you know how to really have the guts man!respect!hey don't forget that you still need to learn learn learn those areas that you've mentioned above!:D

  2. haha,yeahh, i have to belajar with the mother -.-" haha. heyyy nicky, i cant access yer blog =/ why eh?

  3. Not everyone is the same, faisal. It is seriously a subjective matter. Some would mind of their husband did not lend a hand around the house, but some would not even mind at all.

    Like me, I am not a good cook. And yes, if to count 'cook' as an essential for a good wife, I might fail as well right. Haha, but what if I have a very good cook/husband who wont mind me to not cook at all, so there is no problem right?

    Couple usually divorce for matters like financial problem, kayu tiga, no love, mak mertua. haha, because what makes a good husband/wife is a very very subjective matter.

    so worry not. or a little only.haha

    (maaflah panjang sgt. I like ur topic. very very eye opening! :) )

  4. aww... that's so sweet of u. I don't know how to do all the chores as well, so I figure I should be the husband instead. hahah. naah, I'm only 19, still got plenty of time to learn, and how hard could it be?

    but uh.. be it financial, sex or needs, in the end, marriages fai due to lack of communication. selalu sgt. cewah ckp cam berpengalaman. haha.

    anyways, I won't mind being a 1950's wife, stay home, stay hot and serve the husband . HAHA.

  5. intan:
    yeahh, i guess, if one is not good at something, the other one exist to remedy tht particular problem, mcm lego kan,shape tak sama but when you stick it together (in this case marriage), the bond becomes sooo strong it's unbreakable =)

  6. aisyah:
    hahaha now tht's a good way to get a guy's attention huh? haha, yer husbands one lucky dood hahaha.
    yeah ur only 19, banyakk lagi masa nak learn =D yurp communication is important but hey, like u said, stay hot and stay home, the hubby's going nowhere fer sure. haha

  7. A marriage will work well if the husband does not expect the wife to do ALL the wifely duties herself, and the wife does not expect the husband to do ALL the husbandly duties himself. Both should share the responsibilities as and when necessary.

    And of course - the wife should stay hot, and the husband should stay loyal.

    Wife jangan menggedik, husband jangan menggatal :)

    Good tips this? ;)

  8. haha, yes wanna, good tips indeed,considering uve been in bliss since 9.9.94, im guessing ur words are indeed words of wisdom =)

  9. indaaahhnyaa post~~

    hang belajaq2 la least masak kari kambing ka, masak lemak ayam ka, masak ikan bakar sambal kaa..tu paling kurang laa. kira basic ja tu.haha.

  10. haha, aku nak belajaq masak kari kambin la shap, hang la kena ajaq aku masak kari kambin..ikan bakar sambal paling basic? omg...aku paling hebat pun masak telur goreng..habih la aku.haha.

  11. hahaha,,mak aku pon tak turun ilmu kari kambin kat aku lg. nnt2 bila aku da ada Phd aku ajaq hang. =p

  12. It's okay, I don't make a good wife/husband either HEHE.

  13. its ok. u can always hired a maid. haha.

  14. hahahahah... lawak lawak but sweet tho :P