Jul 29, 2009

Ada apa dengan Cinta? Part 2

Gadis D

Gadis D.
Taman Setiawangsa, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Circa 2003

It was around 6pm. I was jogging with my brother around Bukit Setiawangsa. We had jogged for about 40 minutes and were about done. We were heading home to our old house @ Puncak Setiawangsa.We were new there. We had just moved from Taiping, Perak.

As we made our way up a hill, we saw a young lady, presumably our age jogging. She wore dark blue gym pants, a white T and a white cap to match. I was mesmerized. Well, not mesmerized per se but I did stop on my tracks.

My oh my was she cute.

The next morning I saw a familiar face. She was a prefect, and a senior. I spent the entire day busting my brains out trying to remember where I saw her before.

After a few agonizing hours, it struck me.

She was Gadis D I saw jogging yesterday! She wore a tudung to school you see, so that's why it didn't immediately hit me that she was Gadis D when I first saw her earlier.

About a year later, I became a prefect myself. I'd secretly curi curi pandang her when we had our weekly meetings. I'm really good with all this espionage thing. Not once did she catch me curi curi pandang her.

My first crush in the garden city of lights.

Today Gadis D has started working, she graduated about a year ago. We're friends now.

Gadis D was my last serious crush.

The crushes that happened after Gadis D evolved into relationships. Relationships that has now ended.

The difference between the crushes that you have just read about and the relationships after that is that the memories of the crushes that I had will always be sweet ones. Ones where I can think about and laugh at for years to come.

As for the relationships, I cannot laugh about them. There's nothing funny about being dumped or dumping someone.


  1. gadis D?i think i know her. yea, very sweet (: eyh,i tot she's our age?sorry sibuk je tnya,heheh.. nway glad ure happy with the memories u had ^__^

  2. jd demikianlaah cerita kamu dan bunga.

    maka bila part 3?haha.

  3. bihah: haha.noooo u dont knw gadis D, at least its not who u think it iss :)

    shap: haha,demikian itulahhhh, part 3 tak wujud lagikkk hehe

  4. yeayyy!!! gadis B!!! jeng3... aku taw sape agaknye....

  5. haha, kanak kanak ribena =) comel kan? haha