Nov 30, 2011

Your Hand In Mine

Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky. The song is So nostalgic. A slide show of my life is showing inside my head.
I can only afford to smile :')

Nov 27, 2011

Bye-bye blackberry!

My BlackBerry is DEAD. I fell down, hurt my back,crushed my dear berry in my pocket when I fell so its now dead. I wanted to buy a Bold 2 (Why not Bold 4? I don't have moolah) but I found out that all Bold 2's on sale are recond models aka SECONDHAND. There is no way I'm gonna fork out money to buy a secondhand phone.

Okay so now what phone to buy? I wondered around Lowyat with Amir, my brother. Then I saw a little gem by the name of SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace. Took a look at it. Looked like an iPhone 4. Hated that fact by the way.

Anyways after further pondering and making phone calls to mama ayah and mat (bestfriend cum android specialist) I concluded that the Galaxy Ace was the phone for me. So from now on, goodbye BlackBerry Messenger, Hello Whatsapp!!

Nov 26, 2011

From Nokia to Blackberry : How Malaysian children changed.

I got my first mobile phone when I was 15 years old. It wasn't mine alone mind you. It belonged to me, my sister and my brother. It was a Nokia 3310. Almost everyone my age had a Nokia 3310 as a first phone. That was in 2003. Fast forward to 2011, my 15 year old brother uses a Blackberry Curve 8520. Nothing spectacularly advanced but still, it was better than my Nokia 3310.  You may say that times have changed and that a Blackberry Curve is an entry level phone but still, there are cheaper phones around. The Nokia 3310 was the cheapest phone around when my dad bought it for us.

My 16 year old cousin uses a Blackberry Torch. My girlfriend's two 5 and 6 year old cousins own an iPad 2 each. My 5 year old cousin owns a first generation iPhone (it was his dad's but still, it's an iPhone) . My......*the list goes on and on*.

Nowadays when my young young cousins come over, they would play electronic devices to keep them busy if there were no toys around. I remember vividly how different it was for me when I was their age. If there were no toys around, my cousins and I would play traditional Malaysian games like Galah Panjang and Polis sentri or perhaps even PepsiCola. 

How things have changed. 2011 is about to close its doors. I am 23 and I will be finishing with my studies in 3 short months. 

Every time when I am at my grandparent's, I would pause and stare at them for a while. They do look very old. I still remember how they were when I was still very young. My grandmothers from both sides would take me out by taxi to the marketplace while my grandfather would constantly move about the house doing god knows what. Now they just sit down, watch us move about and smile. 

When I have kids, I'll make sure they know what Galah Panjang is. I'll make sure they know how to play PepsiCola. I'll make sure they know how to create a rubber slingshot with folded paper for "bullets''. I'll make sure they go 3310 first before they go all 9900 or 3Gs :).

Nov 20, 2011

Student life:16 long years of it. From 7 to 23.

No one wants to read about the life of a 23 year old law student who at 23 years of age, is still a darn law student. But I'm just going to write about it anyway. There are 7 billion people living on the face of this planet. I'm sure at least one out of the 7 billion would read this post about my student life. Uneventful to some, pretty fun for others but nothing short of breathtakingly spectacular for  me.This is my final semester and in 3 short months, I'll finally be done with my student life.

My life. My life started the second I was born. Duh. Life was pretty good when I was a kid. Very much loved, had long straight dark brown hair. No teeth. All gone due to excessive candy eating. Serial bed-wetter and most importantly, a hero to mom and dad. I was a hero. Still am to them.

Okay, primary school. Studied in Britain for 3 and a half years. Bullied by racist Caucasian kids (and you Westerners pride yourselves as being the so-called heroes of human rights. Hello, you massacred the Jews and turned Africans into slaves, not us!!). My brother was my hero. He would beat them sadistic fucks for me. He would then be punished by the equally sadistic racist lunch ladies. Okay, 1997, back in Malaysia. Happy as hell. Kids were my size. If they picked a fight, I would stand a chance of winning. Which I did, at least most of the time. Got my first love letter at 12 years old from an unknown girl.

Secondary school. Divided into two parts. One in Taiping, one in Setiawangsa. In Taiping, prefect. Handsome boy, as some would say. No girlfriend but wanted one after watching the blockbuster Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta or popularly abbreviated to A2DC. Moved to Setiawangsa at age 15. Learned to play guitar, became good at playing guitar, still handsome boy and now, I got a sad excuse of a girlfriend! Oh wait no, it was more like a fling. A month. So no, wasn't girlfriend, it was a fling. Oh, started smoking, aged 15.

University life. Finally got a girlfriend. Broke up. Heartbreak number 1. Got another one. Broke up, heartbreak number 2. Then got another one, found love of life, will love with all my heart and I want to marry this girl because if perfect was spelled differently, it would be spelled as F-I-O-N-A (Just the way you are- Bruno Mars playing in the background every single time I see her face or write about F-I-O-N-A). Still handsome boy but now I am a bit fat. Gained weight. Oh, quit smoking, aged 23.

Of course everything is much much more detailed than what was written but if I wanted to incorporate every single thing in life, I......most probably wouldn't. Too many things to write, too little patience to accomplish anything.

And there you have it. My student life :)