May 31, 2012

Chambering in Malaysia : STAR WARS-ish?


I am done with law school. I graduated top of my class, the only first class honours student and now I am chambering at the largest law firm in Malaysia. I will be flying off to Oxford University after my chambering to do my LLM. My firm has agreed to sponsor me. 

Pure Bullshit.

Okay so this is what really happened. I made it through law school but nowhere near first class honours..or second upper for that matter. It is by the grace of god and also the good heart of my master and my dad's connections that I am chambering at the place I'm chambering now.You see, as I see it, chambering students should thank their masters for providing them a place. Its him doing you a favour, not the other way around. 



1. You call your boss your Master......that's what Anakin called Obi-Wan.
2. The Malaysian Bar Council Building....its a building dedicated to reminds me of The Jedi Temple.
3. The Bar Council...The Jedi Council.
4. The Dark Force....Political Parties in Malaysia? haha
5. Master Yoda...Bar Council President.
6.Jedi Robe....the robes lawyers wear @ High Courts
7. Jedi principle: We are neutral. We don't get involved in Politics. Bar Council: We are neutral. We dont get involved in Politics. wonder I took up law. Being a StarWars freak/geek that I am, this is only natural.

May the Force be with you?

Lame. haha.