Jan 14, 2011

Why guys should go to prom night naked.

I was at the foodcourt near my apartment, sitting alone while waiting for my take-away fried rice. I took out my phone and I went online. I signed into my twitter account and read the time line...and then I saw it.

"Law night is near, what should I wear" or something along that line.

It was posted by a girl. That particular tweet got me thinking. Girls have so many options. Here's a list of what they could wear to Law Night 2011:

1. Prom Dress
2. Evening Gown
4.Cocktail Dress
5.Homecoming Dress
6.Formal Dress
7.Maxi Dress
8.Sun Dress
9. Mini Skirt (Drools)
10. Sheath Dress
11.Baju Kebaya
12.Baju Kurung

Now, compare that with what guys would wear.

1. Pants
2. Shirt

Pants and shirt...and that's about it. Perhaps one could dress up a bit more by wearing a vest or a blazer on top of their shirts but basically, its pants and shirt. The girls will have at least 13 types of dresses to wear for our annual law night. There will be no two girls wearing the the same dress on that night. But believe you me, there will be at least 150 guys with the same shit outfit comprising of....you guessed it:

Pants and Shirt.

So if you are a guy who takes pride in TRYING to be as individualistic as possible, perhaps you should go to law night naked....because that's the only way you can be sure you'll "dress up" a bit differently from the other 150 guys that night.

Birthday...Suit Up!