Jul 28, 2009

Ada apa dengan Cinta? Part 1

Gadis A, Gadis B, Gadis C.

Gadis A.
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Circa 1993-1997

I think I was 5-6 years old when I first laid my eyes on Gadis A. She was sweet, kind and very cute. She was my classmate at Forest Hall Primary School.

During my 3 wonderful years at that school, I cant recall a single conversation I had with her. No guts I tell you. You see, I was horrified of girls. I cant talk to them. Especially the really cute ones (Up to this day this problem has not gone away completely, much to my embarrassment) .

Oh wait a minute..there was this one time she spoke to me. It was during the school assembly. She said sorry. I was sitting in front of her and she accidentally vomited on me.

She was part of the "popular' clique. Along with Lauren, whose grandparents lived in Paris and Rachel. I don't know much about Rachel except that she's pretty.

Gadis B.
Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


It was a hot afternoon/evening-ish. I used to go to Puan Normah's house for tuition. It was a teeny weeny single story bungalow in the suburbs of Ipoh.

I first laid my eyes on Gadis B in a makeshift classroom at the back of Puan Normah's house. It had cement flooring, ugly as hell and smelled just as bad. Mosquitoes were everywhere.When I got there, gadis B was busy writing something. I remembered staring at her throughout the entire 2 hour class.

She had this soft girly look. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but she had this certain gadis ayu quality that just melted me. My first serious crush.

I went back home that day thinking about her day and night. The following year she became my classmate. In true Faisal fashion, I hardly spoke to her.

It's a small world. She's studying in MMU now. She looked a lot like she did the last time I saw her. Which was about ten years ago.

Gadis C
Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.


I met Gadis C at Puan Normalina's house. I used to go there for tuiton (Tuition centres are places where one can find love =D).

Gadis C was my first crush in Taiping. You know, when I think about it..I think she had the hots for me too...

I used to message her a lot. I'm not so sure about phone calls, my memory isn't that good but I'm pretty confident that we did call each other a few times. She's smart and pretty.

Basically she's sugar spice and everything nice. Perfect candidate right? WRONG.

Her dad. Her dad is the WRONG in WRONG. Extremely garang. That guy freaked me out and scared me shitless.

One fateful day, my Nokia 3310 rang. "she" was calling me out of the blue. I picked up happily thinking that she wanted to bergayut with me. Instead of her girlish voice, I heard a deep manly snarl on the other end of the line.

"SAPE NI????"

"er......." *gulp* (shit! It's her dad, what am I going to do??)

"SAPE NI????"

"er...." *double gulp**double shit*

"SIAPA INI?????????" *Help me god...*

By the third time he asked "SIAPA NI??", he lost it. He began shouting and cursing. I dont really remember what he said but it wasn't very pleasant. His parting words were:


Good god dude..you need to take a chill pill.

Well, that was practically the end of Gadis C's "adventure" with me. We met again a few times at Puan Nurmalina's house but I'm guessing her dad scares her shitless too. Because since the night of "SAPE NI????", there wasn't any more messages from her..no phone calls...no nothing.


  1. hahaha, garangnya pakcik ni

    hey, i did not know u are shy around girls, faisal.hehehe

    but sweet stories here :)

  2. ruzzanna: haha, yeah, sweet memories, all were crushes tho..well, not THAT shy but shy enough =)

    bihah: haha,zaman kanak kanak =D part two coming sooob hehe

  3. faisal si jejaka sejati tlah bercerita tentang gadis!!wow!

    *aku pon nak cerita pasal gadis laaah.haha!!*

  4. shaf: haha, hang ni daaa laaaaaaiiinn niiii