Nov 6, 2009

Why swearing is good for the soul. (Reader discretion adviced, Foul language present)

When you're really mad at someone or something, what would you normally do to ease the tension?
Would you:

A) Break down into tears and cry your heart out.
B) Punch something.
C) Shout or scream your lungs out.
D) Nothing. ( Dangerous, people who keep their anger inside are just volatile volcanoes waiting to erupt)

What I would do is, I'd swear at that person or something and I'd feel better almost instantly.

This entry is about the power of self control.
This entry is about the power to make one feel better.
This entry is about reducing anger to a point where you wont be a threat to yourself or anyone else.
This entry is about the power of Fuck You.

Some would not agree with me and say that swearing is filth. It represents everything that's wrong with society. It's stupid, obscene and down right vulgar. I agree, with it being all that, but to a certain extent only.

You see, swearing may represent all that but let's take a look at why it was invented in the first place. Swearing was invented as a channel to express one's anger. Swearing was invented, in simple terms, as a short term strategy to get rid of one's anger. A Panadol Actifast of some sort to quickly subdue one's anger before he does something stupid like punching people.

People always have this misconception that swearing is for thugs, gangsters and people with no moral. Everyone swears. Be it in private or in public. Everyone swears. I think even the queen of England swears. Of course she'd still be grammatically correct when she swears ie "The cat shated all over the place" instead of
"The cat shits all over the place".

The F word has helped me on many occasions. Not just once or twice but many. I find it easier to let go of something painful or forget something bad that's happening to me by saying out loudly the three magical phrases that has helped me so much throughout my school years. It's still helping me out currently in my university years.

So next time I'm in deep shit, I know full well that by saying "Fuck it. Fuck you. and Fuck Off", I'd be back on my own two feet in no time.

You should try it =p.


  1. I'll do combination of A & C..and F-bomb really works mate!!hahhaha..Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. hahha..but above of all..we still need to use our brain kan..

  2. gia,
    haha, yeahhh, i dnt punch people and stuffs and i dont swear at anyone and everyone, i wont swear at old people etc, you gotta have some rspect for older people but yknw, in general, the F-bomb works wonders fer me =)

  3. maki hamun dlm hati smbil pndang mata org tu (ni kalau org tu tua...)

    kalau muda? mmg kat dpn muka kena maki.... wakakakaka.....

  4. hahaha, tahu takpa ainullll, tapi i taknah dengar u swear pun. haha

  5. hahaha...tak berkat idop!!tp tu la saaal..mulut ni senang betoiii nak mencarut.haahha.

  6. haha,nak wat mcm manaa =p aku rasa mcm therapy haha.xpala, sometimes bila tergelinciaq lidah =p

  7. hahhaha..tergelinciaq kan..i wont swear at older people..kna panah petir..mati secara rentung ok..hahha

  8. I just realized that whenever I am angry or sad, I would choose to cry. Haha, typical girl I guess.

    I dont do swearing much due to the fact, I will feel guilty for it afterwards. Haha, feels like oh god, I am sinned for it.

    Yes, I am super duper lame.

    But I dont mind others to swear it off all they want to, as I know everyone is diff right. Hehe. ;P

    But crying, is my fave part of all time. Haha

  9. You are one bad influence to small children that may come across this page. Teaching people to try swearing as a way of releasing tension. TSK YOUU.

    Among ABCD, I think I'd do... Option E; Go out, stop thinking, have fun, forget all the shits (or as the queen of England may have said it, "shats") and simply have a blast. hehe! Plus maybe C, but less on the swearing, more on the screaming? hmmmmm....

  10. Hence the TITLE OF THE POST nazweena aka viwer discretion advicedddd. anyhu, i knw you and you swear a lot minah =.=" less screaming more swearing.hahaha.

  11. Faisal,

    I do use a lot of expletive and expressive words but ONLY when I'm behind the wheels, and some smart alecs swerve in in front of me without indicating, or when I indicate and they refuse to give way (and instead bawak kereta lagi laju just to make damn sure I won't get to go in the lane concerned), or bawak kereta macam siput in the fast lane. Also when somebody in a Mercs or Beemers or sewaktu dengannya think they own the road.

    The expletive words I use all begin with the letter "B", but mind you almost all are synonyms of "Bodoh"... with one or two more which have more profound meanings...(which I only use when the kids are not in the car with me) Hehehe! (I discovered that there are so many words beginning with "B" which are so "therapeutic"! Hahaha!)

    And you're right - it really helps us from doing more stupid things in reacting to all those stupid, inconsiderate people. It helps a lot in preventing our blood from going upstairs, too :)

    * But, again, caution : NOT in front of the children :)

  12. wanna, haha, yes not in front of the children, neverrrr, all them so pure =) and i'd never swear at org tua like someone's mom or dad..only people my age orrrrr when i dont knw ow old they are (eg: dumb=ish car driver driving a tinted beemer haha) but does's like hitting a buffer zone filled with sand before hitting a can "mitigate" our anger hehe. and ooh yessss, i use many many words tht strts with B hahaha

  13. And NOT when Jaddi is in the car with me, too! HAHAHAHAHA!