Jul 20, 2009

MACC: Murderers?

Maybe. Maybe they did kill him. It's definitely a maybe.

Wait. Hang on a minute.

Why would the government choose to kill a person who they publicly despise in such a controversial manner? A manner so controversial that it made people come up with theories linking his death to the federal government. People all over Malaysia are saying that his death was a government planned murder.

Wouldn't it be so much more easier to play safe and just cut the brake cables of his car? That way not that many people would come up with theories linking the federal government to his death? It'll be so much more easier to cover up. And! No one would be demanding the formation of a Royal Commission to investigate the "murder". Most people would just accept the fact that his death was caused by a" car accident".

Oh. Here's a thought. Maybe he did just accidentally fell off a window while trying to get some fresh air after 8 hours ( I think? ) of interrogation? Maybe he leaned his back on a window, not knowing that the window was unlocked? The window he fell out from is huge by the way. Anyone could have fallen out from it.

Why does everyone have to be so negative and hateful. It may just be an accident. Don't just simply accuse people of murder. It's a very serious accusation. Let the law take it's course.

Let me remind you that the doctors who conducted the post mortem on his body confirmed that his death was caused by injuries he sustained due to the fall. I think it's safe to say that we can probably rule out speculations that he was murdered and his body thrown out of a window to stage a suicide. Unless you want to accuse the result of the post mortem as a government conspiracy...

I support the formation of an independent Royal Commission though. That way everyone would be happy and no one would be shouting foul. Hopefully.

Let's all just hope that no one would accuse the Royal Commission of being just another government conspiracy too....( Nowadays everything is a government conspiracy eh? )

His death saddened many people including myself. I was heartbroken upon learning the fact that he left behind an unborn baby. Emotions are running high all over the country. I hope Ronnie Liu's throat is OK after one heck of a lot of shouting. Classy eh? Barging into a government office, kicking and screaming...nice to know that our EXCO's are sensible and very professional.

Lets all be very civilised here. Don't play blame games. It's not fair for anyone if everyone starts pointing fingers at one another.

May Teoh Beng Hock R.I.P

Was it a murder? Or was it an accident? Hold your judgements for now. It's too early to say anything. May the truth prevail soonish :)

* Writing this piece reminds me of a certain case about a person who was accused of sodomizing a young man. It's the second time he was brought to court to face allegations of committing sodomy. People say it's a government conspiracy.

Honestly people..why sodomy? Why would they use sodomy as a strategy to "kill off" this person's political career? Are you that stupid Mr. Government? No one would ever buy that crap.

Why would you falsely accuse a person of a crime he was acquitted off in the past for the second freaking time? It would be so much more easier to just accuse him of something that he wasn't accused of and subsequently acquitted from in the past. Every Tom Dick and Harry knows that.

BUT WAIT! Maybe...just maybe..the government isn't that stupid ( honestly, who is?) after all ?. Maybe there isn't any government conspiracy? Maybe he did commit the crime?

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. The truth will come out sooner or later :)

I just hope that people think using their logic and not their emotions. When emotions defeat logic, you tend to (and you will) lose so much.


  1. hahahaha..frame govt!govt killed people!!! ahahha giloo~~pada aku kalo govt mmg nak bunuh dia tu tak la kaaannn pasal dia tu kira aset la dalam kes ni..

    tapi kalo tak sengaja bunuh tu maybe laa..ye laaa time tgh soal siasat tu kot depa berkeraih ka apa kaaa..who know's rite..

    and idk whether it is reasonable to interrogate someone at night and took such a long time to for it...

    [o ya..got alibi which one of the witness in this case saw him around 6 at MACC building. he's still alive and he had done with the effing interrogation.]

    maybe someone that want his mouth shut!!so they killed him at that building so they can just framed govt for their dirty act.

  2. yupooooooooooo, yang mulia beliau faisal setujulahhh~~~ dgn percakapan kamu yamtuan shap

    maybe gov yg buat, maybe ada org nak frame and maybe dia masuk ayaq..

    mailah kita tunggu kebenran, and boley2 laaaa org yg bunuh dia tu kena gantung ke apa ka, if it was a murder la