Aug 30, 2009

Faisal in 10 years

Current physical condition:
172cm tall
33 inch waist
Current eating habit:
Current exercising routine:
22.31 (B.M.I: 25 and above = Overweight)

Past physical condition: (Circa 6 months ago)
172cm tall
31-32 inch waist
Past eating habit:
Fag like. Eating habit almost non-existent
Past exercising routine:
Jogging,everyday,half hour sessions.

I gained 6 kilograms in 6 months. That would translate to 12 Kilograms a year. Multiply that by 10, you will get 120 Kilograms. If I continue with my current lifestyle, I will weigh approximately 180 Kilograms in ten years time. My B.M.I calculation would read a mind-boggling 60.84.

I am living dangerously here. All those teh tariks and late night maggie gorengs are finally taking it's toll on my weight. I can barely fit in my old clothes right now. Thank god I got a baff brother. He's lending me his clothes. I am Fat. Dammit.

I'm going have to buck up soon because if I dont, one day I will end up the one they call "the single fat one" everytime an unknown person asks their friend about me when they see me arriving all alone at weddings and other functions.



  1. erkkk...

    i gain 10kg in 3 years.that's mean around 3++ kg a year. 10 years later my weight is 80++ kg!!! i'm one fat woman that live my life in fantasy..imagine that i'm a hawt supermodel that everyone envy of.hahaha.

    maka dengan itu....mari lah kita berusahaa menurunkan berat badan sebelom aku xkenai hang and hang tak kenai aku 10 tahun lagi..hahha.

  2. hahahaha,maghilahhhhh sharappuuddeeeennn.tadi manique tegoq aku gain weight!!! ya allah sampai mcm tu aku gemukk! haha