Jul 16, 2009


Why the hell durian? Why not a name that actually means something? Like "youth of today" or "tree hugger"?

Well, let me tell you a thing or two about the horrendously ugly yet addictive and super tasty fruit called the durian.

You see, durians are loved in Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore,some parts of Southern Thailand and...........the list stops there. It is loathed, hated and shunned upon in every other country on the face of planet earth. Most of the time, it's because of the smell.

Western durian haters labeled the fruit as foul smelling. Disgustingly revolting they would say. They even went as far as banning the darn fruit from their airports and their aeroplanes. A western reality TV show even made eating a darn ulas of durian a dare....it's either you chose to eat an ulas of durian or a pair of boiled bull testicles: some of them opted for the pair of divine tasting bovine balls.

You see, that's the beauty of this god-awful looking fruit. It looks just about as appetizing as a plate of deep fried bull balls on the outside.

BUT. Once you peeled off the thick outer layer of the fruit, you'll gain access to little ulases of heaven, in the form of yellow,creamy,moist and sweet "nuggets". Those westerners have absolutely no idea what they're missing on. Oh well, that probably means there will be more for us so im not complaining.

Durians to me, are also a symbol of racial harmony and cooperation between the races in Malaysia. Malays, Chinese,Indians and all the other races living in Malaysia loves to eat durian.

Loving to eat the fruit is one of the things all the races in Malaysia have in common.

Durian. A symbol of national unity and a 'lesson' which teaches us to not judge a book it's cover.

Those are the reasons why i chose durian as a nickname.


  1. yeah!!long live durian!
    *craving for yellow,creamy,moist and sweet nugget*