Jun 18, 2011

How Bruno Mars screwed up guys everywhere.

Bruno Mars, the lyrics of your songs are beautiful. So beautiful that it makes the ladies go gaa-gaa and the guys go "oh, god now she wants me to be Bruno Mars"

Dear Bruno, you made all girls worldwide knock any expectations they have in a guy a few notches up. Now because of you and your oh god-sweet lyrics, when the male species is looking for a suitable mate from the other gender,our main enemy is no longer frat boys rich kids and superhandsome male supermodels. Our main enemy now is a bunch of lyrics.

As for guys like me who is in a stable relationship, I worry that the sweetness of your lyrics makes all the sweet things I do look bland and boring. Although this is highly improbable as the gf and I love each other to bits, it may be a deciding factor in her favor the next time we argue about *anything goes here*. 

Bruno Mars, thank you for making the world a much much more beautiful place, but you screwed up your own kind dude.