Apr 22, 2010

Why I think feminists are funny people.

What They Do Part 1:
They spend so many time trying to show the world that woman are capable of doing jobs that are normally associated with men. 

What They Actually Show Part 1:
They are actually agreeing to the fact that males are superior by demonstrating that they too at present time, can achieve something that the male species had achieved tens or even hundreds of years ago. 

What They Do Part 2:
They keep on saying woman can be world leaders too! They give examples such as Margaret Thatcher, Gloria Aroyyo and Khaleda Zia. Sometimes when they really want to prove a point, they name each and every present female head of states.

What They Actually Show Part 2:
They are highlighting that as of now (22nd April 2010) out of 195 countries, only 24 are headed by females. Which means that only roughly 12% of the world are headed by females. When I say 24, 3 are actually headed by royalty ie Her Majesties The Queens of England, Netherlands and Denmark. If I was to count only elected representatives, that would make the total number of elected female head of states a grand 10.7%.

What They Do Part 3:
They keep on questioning why they are discriminated against. Why is everything dominated by males. Why are they not given the chance to prove that they too, are well qualified.

What They Actually Show Part 3:
They highlight the fact they are subordinate to men. They are actually highlighting their own weaknesses.

I am of the opinion that girls are just as intelligent and just as capable as guys, if not better. They are the reason why there are so many successful guys out there. Tun Dr Mahathir would not be, and I guarantee you this, the man he is today if Tun Dr Siti Hasmah wasn't there for him in his time of need. At home, my mom is the backbone of my dad. My girlfriend holds me and comforts me in my time of need, whenever, wherever ever since the first day she said "I love you" to me. My bffs are there for me, through thick and thin :). 

However, sometimes, although it may be very hard to admit, girls are just not cut out to do some things that are normally done by guys. There must be a reason why Allah SWT told us all that prophets can only be from the male species. Similarly, there are some things that guys could never do that are normally done by girls.

Here's why feminists make me laugh. They try so hard to prove that girls are just as good as guys but what they don't realize is that they are merely highlighting the weaknesses of the female species. They make me laugh because they live in an isolated world where they think males look down on females where in reality, that is absolutely false. Guys don't look down on girls.

As a guy, when I look into my mother's eyes, all I see is strength. All I see is wisdom. All I see is love. Feminists are like racists. They plague the world, spreading hatred. 

Don't be one ;)

Apr 7, 2010

Back when I was a kid

Back when I was a kid I wanted to be the Sultan of Perak.
Back when I was a kid I wanted to be a formula one driver.
Back when I was a kid I wanted to be Kurt Cobain.
Back when I was a kid I wanted to be the richest man alive.
Back when I was a kid I wanted to make a difference.
Back when I was a kid I believed The Beatles when they said All you need is love.

Back when I was a kid, I had this vision of me in the future. I saw me being successful. I saw me being all that I knew I could be. I saw me standing tall above all the shits that life had to offer. I saw me being able to achieve anything and everything that I wanted. But above all, I saw me living my dream life.

But life had other plans. I don't know where I went wrong but somewhere along the way I got a little lost. Everyday I feel like age is catching up with me and that slowly all the dreams that I had are being taken away by a cruel phenomenon known as reality. I find myself trying to hold on desperately to those dreams, knowing full well that those dreams will never ever be realized.

As I near the end of my university life, I realized that what I am today, is nothing what a young me envisioned  an older me to be in the future. I realized that all the dreams I had for me when I was a kid was amounting to nothing more than a puff of smoke. 

Reminiscing about the good old times is something that I love to do. Bitter-sweet memories of my childhood, my teen years and all the dreams that I had.

Back when I was a kid I didn't want to be the person that I am today.

How about you? Is the current you the person you always wanted to be when you were a kid?