Apr 19, 2011

How Malay bros shake hands.

This entry is not specifically limited to Malay bros only but as I am Malay, I write from what I see based on who I hang out with. As my friends are mostly Malays, this is how I see Malay bros shake hands.

1. The normal handshake.
- Used when greeting normal friends or acquittance.
- Strictly formal. You know that you are not considered a bro to a person if your hands are shook in this manner.

2. The normal+spin+calit ibu jari handshake.
- Used when greeting 3rd level bros.
- This may also be used to quickly forge a close caring relationship between one bro and another bro who are not that close. A bro will see your act of calit ibu jari as a sign that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

3. The normal+spin+calit ibu jari+pull hands while each others palm are touching together+knuckle knock handshake.
- Used when greeting 2nd level bros.

4. The normal+spin+pulling each other closer and rub chest against  one another handshake.
- Used when greeting 1st level bros.
-This can also be used to thank level 2 and level 3 bros for any act of kindness that these bros may have done for me.

5. The normal+spin+pulling each other closer+gently rub each other's cheeks against one another handshake.
- When a bro performs this kind of handshake to a girl, it is considered normal and shows a certain level of closeness between the said bro and the girl. However if a bro does this to another bro....
- Then the bro who did this is a very gay bro and is considered as such.
- Also used by any and every middle-eastern guys. *special mention: Straight Bangladeshi guys hold hands while walking.

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