Jun 18, 2011

How Bruno Mars screwed up guys everywhere.

Bruno Mars, the lyrics of your songs are beautiful. So beautiful that it makes the ladies go gaa-gaa and the guys go "oh, god now she wants me to be Bruno Mars"

Dear Bruno, you made all girls worldwide knock any expectations they have in a guy a few notches up. Now because of you and your oh god-sweet lyrics, when the male species is looking for a suitable mate from the other gender,our main enemy is no longer frat boys rich kids and superhandsome male supermodels. Our main enemy now is a bunch of lyrics.

As for guys like me who is in a stable relationship, I worry that the sweetness of your lyrics makes all the sweet things I do look bland and boring. Although this is highly improbable as the gf and I love each other to bits, it may be a deciding factor in her favor the next time we argue about *anything goes here*. 

Bruno Mars, thank you for making the world a much much more beautiful place, but you screwed up your own kind dude.


  1. bruno mars in waaaaaaay much better than seth tan.kalau semua awek berangan nak seth tan camne ?

  2. seth tan is a fictional character that happens to be an ideal man admired and longed by girls since forever. (based on the drama, nora elena, which also based on a novel, with a different name; kasih yang suci). you know, a hopeless romantic rich guy who loves a girl with all his heart and does everything to protect her. (very very very fictional, you see)

    bruno mars is sweet, so sweet i believe he is a fictional character, as well.

    hehehe. so dont worry. fiction will only be in dreams. right? :P

  3. haha my bf's ringing tone was "marry you" and I was like, you've got to be kidding me dude and he was like, well, every man should have some "bruno mars" inside of him and I was like, what dear? and he goes, isn't I'm sweet? and I goes, oh, then you should darken your skin lah kan? baru bruno mars. and then I start to ponder like, what with this bruno mars thing?

  4. thank you in-chan for the explanation.seth tan tu kira penambat hati wanita wanita skarang la.tableh tahan la.

  5. ruzzana:haha, thts nt entirely true, a guy can love a girl tht much :P
    mal:haha, no guy can beat the lyrics of just the way you are, bruno factor :P

  6. miejot: haha, aku rasa don juan de marco pun kalah ngan mamat seth tan ni

  7. haha sal, dia yg lebih2. i macam ehhhh.. dia nih!