Apr 13, 2011

How to achieve your dreams.

I am 23 years old this year. I feel old. When I was 21, I felt I was at the pinnacle of my youth. When I was 22, I told myself, "22 is not that far away from 21, you're still young". In 3 months time I'll be 23. Whats in my head you ask? Well...nothing really..its just that I AM GETTING OLD!!!! And I just realized, I have accomplished ZILCH dreams.

1. Form a band. be bigger than The Beatles (Ah..young positivism)
2. 6 packs.
3. Find love of life
4. Learn to be good at playing football
5. Yes...this is a big one...ACT. I have always been a big fan of acting. I used to act in lame-as-hell/god-awful plays when I was in primary school. Loved it. Never had the confidence to pursue it. I am not good-looking.

How to achieve dreams 1 to 5
1. Never gonna happen
2. Never gonna happen
3. <3 Fiona
4.Never gonna happen (Although I am the manager of a football team)

How to really achieve dreams
Its 6.50pm. Its raining outside. My surroundings cannot BE more stressful. As I am typing this my left hand is reaching for my guitar to achieve #1, after that I'll be doing sit-ups to achieve #2, #3 done, #4....perhaps I can play a little football with my boys in the evening. For #5...hahaha.Perhaps one day :) I could have done all this when I was still 19 years old. BUT I DID NOT. I procrastinated and was generally very lazy. I talked a lot but never did anything to realize my dreams. Now I'm 23. I realized although I am still very young, time is running out. So if anyone reads this and has yet to achieve a dream or two, straighten the fuck up, stand tall, go chase whatever it is you want to chase. Start now, seize the moment, be the man, let them balls roam freely and show the fucking world what you're made of :) GOODLUCK!


  1. 5 dreams of Crystal Sue

    1. become a writer for a magazine/newspaper
    2. go for an Oasis concert
    3. own a petstore
    4. learn how to swim
    5. become a singer in a rock band

    Achieved dreams

    1. got a positive response from a magazine editor but chickened out ( pls slap me)
    3. getting there. stashing my house with one pet at a time. does that count?
    4. i've learned how to sink gracefully.
    5. i'm tone deaf.

    woe is me.

  2. hahahaaha.errrrrrrrrr.I WILL SLAP U FOR #1 !!!!!!!!! well for me, u knw hw much i love writing but i tried, just like u told me to, zilch response =/...so tht dream is no longer a dream..kena reject.sigh.....and no, stashing house with animals does nt count haha. swimming? its harder thn u think, SO DONT GIVE UP!! tone deaf ey? hmmm, oasis is sthe shit, me fav band.if you like oasis,you have good taste in music. dont give up, yes?