Oct 11, 2010

How to move on from a 2 year relationship in a month.

Well here is a list of things a person, and by person I mean I, have to do for me to get over a 2 year relationship within a month.

1 Keep in constant touch with your own personal friend-based SUPPORT GROUP.
2.Listen to Eminem and relate the shit state you're in to his lyrics, It'll make you feel better.
3.Stop stalking the ex's Facebook page.
4.Stop all means of contact with the ex.
5.Cheesecake. Eat all the cheesecake in the world, comfort food.
6.Go out and meet new people.
7.Smoke Marlboro Reds.
8.Smoke some more Marlboro Reds.
9.Smoke a few more Marlboro Reds.
10. Too much Marlboro Reds, than settle for Marlboro Lights.

There you go, ten easy steps to get over a 2 year relationship over a period of one month.

Or is it?

It's not. I did all and it still hurts as much as hell.

After much thought, I came to a conclusion that there is no such thing as getting over a girl you loved with all your heart over a pre-defined period of time.

They only way to get over a 2 year relationship is by doing absolutely nothing at all. Time heals. Even if it seems like no amount of time will ever heal a broken beaten battered heart, believe me, thats the only thing that can help you.

In the meantime, I'll just wait for that special someone, the girl of my dreams to suddenly and dramatically appear and make me the happiest guy alive. I'm waiting for that one special girl who would love me with all her heart.

Because Dear non-existing-girl-of-my-dreams, whoever you are, wherever you are,  the moment you come into my life,whenever that time may be, I will love you, with nothing less than all my heart. I may not know how to party hard or to compose a love laced sweet sweet musical serenade, but I sure as hell know how to love.

As I lay on my bed listening to a love song for no one, I thought to myself:

I don't know who you are, where you live, where you come from or what you do for a living, but Dear Girl-Of-My-Dreams, I'm going to find you one day and give you nothing short of the world. I mean it.


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  2. I always failed doing number 3. haha. but to make myself feel better, i just say "ah, only to know his recent whereabouts,thats all" but then getting annoyed with his constant 'in love' status.

    felt useless sometimes. ;(

    i dunno how to advise u on this, because basically i am still not over him. maybe all i need is just time, not a new one.

    but, hey. cheer up. i dont wanna say theres a plenty of fish or whatsoever. time heals. even it may need a looooonnnngg one.

  3. Hey, was just blog hopping.Enjoyed reading yours. :)

    Be strong, friend. :)

    Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours.

  4. mr lonely: haha, cool nick :P thnk you, i will :) thnks again for reading ya
    ruuzzzzana:haha,yeah, you got tht right intan, time heals :) haha, constant love status kan? haha.sokay, time will heal the both of us, so lets keep our chin up and sadness down =)
    danellera: thnk you :) i appreciate it, thnk for reading, the sadness will go away in due time hehe

  5. hey, i enjoy reading this post.. really i'm.. life were never easy, never give up or regret.. i think your love story gonna b really advanture!! gud luck in finding your dream girl!! way to go mannn ;)


  6. hey lala, thnk you for reading :) thnk you so much for the words of encouragement, i really appreciate it =) god bless and take care :)

  7. I think Megan Fox could help u out

  8. owh sal, i hate you!! your entry touches me! can i beat you up?

  9. haha,whyy nak beat me up mallll oiiiiiii haha

  10. owh senior who i always have crush on,

    its been 58 days but i still cant move on:'(
    it hurts till now,please replace the marlboro thingy for smthng ideal for us girls:( tq


  11. hoho... lolz... maybe i have to try some malboro lah~.. nice post anyway~