Oct 16, 2010

Characteristics of Malay Jocks aka "Lelaki Hek"

Jocks. We see them in American teen movies and dramas. They may be different individuals but all of them have a few things in common: All of them are athletic, all of them are muscular, all of them are as stupid as f**k and last but not least, all of them are popular.

So lets take a look at the local context of "jocks". My sister and I call these type of guys "Lelaki Hek".

They talk walk stalk and conduct themselves in very very similar ways. I am an observer. I always observe people and as a result, I have short-listed a few "lelaki hek" characteristics.

Characteristics of "Lelaki Hek"

1. Name Dropping.
They name drop as soon as they find out you go to the same college as one of their many friends.
"Hey, u belajar college mana?"
"Oh I belajar dekat Beautiful Brunettes Academy of Langkawi, Be.B.A.L."
"Oh, I tau, kawan I ada pergi situ...you kenal Azura?"
"Oh, you kenal Lina?"
"Oh you kenal...."
*15 names later*
".....Oh you kenal....." It never stops.

Why they do this? To show girls they know a lot of people thus showing how popular they are.

2. Showing off how many friends they have, in a very subtle way.

Guy: Hey, you wanna hang out tonight?
Girl: Hmmm, I'm not sure? Can I reconfirm?
Guy: Okay,but be sure to let me know A.S.A.P..
Girl: Oh ya? why?
Guy: Sebab I kena book 8 table...

Normal hang out session.8 tables.Hmmm....

3. The way they dress.

i. Tight Clothes.
ii.Tight pants.
iii. Raised Collar (Collar tajam ke atas)
iv. White, narrow and pointy shoes.
v.  Huge belt buckle (Front of shirt always tucked behind huge belt buckle to really make huge belt buckle stand out)

4. The way they stylize their hair/facial hair.

i. Fake Mohawk aka Fauxhawk.
ii.The little patch of hair immediately below their lower lips (They shave all except this tiny patch of hair).
iii.Too much perfume.
iv. Silver Jewelry (The "C" shaped metal bangle is the most common)


Now, this particular  characteristic is not shared by all "Lelaki Heks". Only a select few of  ridiculously high "hek" levels share this characteristic. And that particular characteristic is:

i. Wearing sunglasses indoors.

Ok there you have it, characteristics of "Lelaki Hek" :)


  1. heh tue stand for what actually? nak taw jugak2..

  2. nothing really, just something we came up with :)

  3. ahahhaha.. apa2 pown this entry really true!! ;) u do make people laugh! :))

  4. haha,thnkk youuu forr readingg dear anonymous =) i really appreciate it :D

  5. no 5.i tu yang paling tak bole blah.sumpah tak bole blah.dunia nak kiamat ke ?

  6. hahaha.cuba ang perati.tgk manusia yang pakai sunglasses indoors, rambut depa mcm mana, baju, collar tajam ke tak haha.most of them will pakai baju collar tajam n rambut beckham ngan gumpalan bulu kat bawah bibir haha

  7. couldnt agree more with you! i love your blog!

  8. haha,thnkk youu for reading, i really appreciate it :)

  9. Faisal, this entry I must say is so true..I could'nt agree with you more. It's really not a necessary to wear as such. Especially the huge belts and sunglasses.

    I do read your blog, but jarang leave any comment, but this entry made me laugh.

    Nice observance!


  10. hahaha,thnk you anorrr forrr readingggg :) i really appreciate itt hehe