Oct 13, 2010

The Gym: A place where straight guys become slightly gay.

So there I was with The Wingman. It was our first time at a swanky "professional" gym. We were excited. We were full of energy. 

Fate has finally brought us to this gym. It must have been at least 3 years since I first uttered the words "This year I'm gonna join a gym and workout!!!!" It took at least 3 years for those words to become a reality.

Anyways, here is why a gym is a place where straight guys become slightly gay:

Location: GYM FLOOR.

1. EyeBalling other guys.
This happens. A lot. I have seen completely straight guys (based on assumption mind you, there's no telling whether they're straight or not but by the looks of them, they are normal heterosexual males) eyeballing other guys. 

They eyeball tough toned muscular dudes..and admire their bodies..I heard a guy say to his friend "I love his body"..wth man.

But this...I have to admit...I too, look at bodies of tough guys. BUT STRICTLY FOR INSPIRATION. seriously. I like girls, period.

Location: LOCKER ROOM.

1.Vanity level goes up..way up. -  This happened In front of a huge wall mirror.

"Bro, look at my biceps man, the protein shake really worked"
"Seriously, its huge man"

2. Where a grown man asks another grown man to touch him...tenderly.

This happened in the locker room, near the sauna.

"Eh bro...how's my abs? Are they visible?"
"Yeah, I can really see them"
"Touch them, see how firm they are"
"Yeah man, sure"
"Be careful, don't press too hard..it still hurts a bit" (Please please please "it still hurts a bit" from working out and not some lewd activity)


So there you have it. A gym is full of tough guys? Hell no man. A gym is full of little daisy loving baby girls in  men suits.


  1. Seronok ni gi gym cuci mata behehehehehe

  2. zuriani: haha,for girls, oh yes, absolutely haha
    ariff:haha, thnks man :)

  3. hahahahah..yes..this kind of post...i miss them..hahaha..

    i've been working in a company where gym and sauna are like 24hrs available for you..free..but still no chance to even lay eyes on the equipment..tak sempat kot..huhu...masuk kerje kobar2 ptg nak g gym. Sharp 5.30 pack things up cepat2 balik..can't stand another minute kat office dah...

  4. hahaha,thnks for reading ju :)
    oh mmg!!! i pun sama dulu masa practical, masuk kerja semangat punyala kuat nak stay back sekejap habiskan kerja tergendala...tapi the moment jam pukul 6, thts it.i letak everything down and just balik.cepat2 pulak tu, takut ada senior panggil suruh tolong.hahaha

  5. this means mmu's gym are full of a slightly gayish guys with biceps?

  6. hahaha.gay on the outside only but hopefully inside, all of em are straight.haha