Dec 8, 2011

My dream wedding.

My dream wedding would be on a cliff, somewhere in the enchanted Island of Langkawi,crystal clear blue waters in the back drop, a sunny cloudless sky. It wont be hot though, the wedding will take place on a cliff where giant shady trees grow. There will be less than 100 guests. The closest of family and the bestest of friends only. Bruno Mars will be playing in the back ground and my bride to be standing beside me. Fiona.

That would be my dream wedding if I had a few hundred thousand ringgit to spare. If I don't than my wedding must have at least one of these:

1.  White tents. Not the ugly canvas tents. White tents with fabric roof. Too keep the sunshine out while pleasing on the eyes.
2. Must take place in a place other than a community hall. Not necessarily hotels or clubs. Just somewhere nice and tranquil. Perhaps a forest reserve somewhere near the city.
3. Live band. This is a must.
4.My family and friends.
5.My two cats.
6.A piano somewhere with a pianist. Playing oh so romantic songs such as Canon in D.

I'll be graduating soon. Although its normally girls who are excited as hell about weddings I cant help but to feel really excited about mine too nevermind the fact I have absolutely nooooooo idea when I'm getting married. I am not one hundred percent certain about when I'll get married but the one thing I'm certain of is who I'm marrying. There is not one girl on earth that can replace my Fiona.

I love you to bits sweetheart :)

As fun as it is planning my own future dateless venue-less guest list-less wedding, I know deep down inside that I'll only get to choose what color boxers I'll be wearing on that day because yes, the bride to-be will decide everything and anything. Hmmm..I guess writing this entry was a waste of time since I'll most probably not get a say.....but hey, as long as she's happy, I'm happy. If Allah permits and Insyallah He will, one day I'll be rich enough to give Fiona anything her heart desires.

She wants the world, she gets the world. Because my world would never be complete without her in it.

ps to my bestfriend su, congratulations on your upcoming soon to be engagemnt. I expect nothing less than front row VVIP seats :P


  1. omg,u such a romantic at heart:) i wish i know u in person senior,wish u all the best with ur dream wedding.

  2. cube la baek hati sket cakap at the end of the post. 'and to my bestfriend. congratulation to your engagement-to-be' :D

  3. saiyidah: theres always another chance to say helloo :) how are u junior? hehe

    su: check my updated post!!! haha

  4. I've graduated last sem,Im close with some seniors from the other small batch(yours!) and was always think u are to cool to be friends with us the juniors.haha.but when i saw how my friend working with u PP I last sem i thought 'hey this guy kinda cool in a COOL way'..hehe..all the best senior;)