Dec 4, 2011

How to be Cool: A brief Guide.

I have never seen myself as a cool person (that is most probably because I'm not). So, with me not being the coolest kid on the block, is my life worth living? Or is my life just a waste of space? I'm gonna write in brief about an observation I made....

Being "Cool" used to be important when I was growing up. I could clearly see the difference between the cool kids, the average joes and the so-called losers. But at 23 years of age, the lines get blurred. 

In final year of uni, the lines get blurred. In the working world, roles are switched. The nerdy loner suddenly becomes a CEO (cool points up by 100%) while the cool but dumb guys dumb and poor (cool points evaporate to zero percent). 

Life is a wheel. All of us are given an opportunity to be cool. Its just a question of when and in which point of time in life. This of course does not apply to everyone in every circumstances. Some were born cool, lived a cool life and died as George Best. Only upon death did you and your coolness part dear George. 

Where I study, most of the cool kids never finish their studies on time. Its always the nerds and unpopular ones that graduate on time and scores top marks in exams. During their time in campus, no one really gave two hoots about who they were. Its when they graduate that people started to realize how cool it was to be them. Young, successful, earning lots of moolah while their so called cool batch mates are still stuck as undergraduates. Extending their asses off.

My point? My point is, no one stays as the cool kid until they die and no one stays as the loser until they die. Therefore I learned that if you see yourself and other people as being cooler than any other individual out there, than you are a joke. Say no to stereotyping :)

How to be cool:

Step 1: There aren't any. 
Step 2: look at "Step 1"

IN THE WISE WORDS OF EMINEM: "Don't let em say you aint beautiful. They can all get fucked just stay true to you.

.....I will live by that. And so should you :)

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