Aug 25, 2010

What it's like to be a brother.

I am a brother to three people. I am an elder for two, and a younger for one.

When my little brother oversteps the boundaries of morality and respect, than a tight slap will be given. My parents won't ever slap him so it's up to me to teach him a lesson. It works. He may be all grown up but whenever I see him, I still see the baby boy I used carry in my arms. I know him inside and out. His ego is phenomenal. So whether I like it or not, I have to be extremely hard with this particular fellow.

My elder brother protected me from bullies in school and at times even took the bullet for me. I never told him this, and he probably wont ever find out since he never reads my blog but he is literally my hero. Whenever a major decision is to be made, there are three people who I would always ask first. My parents, and him.

If he says yes to something, than there will be no doubt in my mind. Because I have always believed that he knows best. But he nags a lot. More than my mother and father combined.

When my little sister does something wrong that I cannot accept, than I will nag to her like there's no tomorrow. I will shout at her and use the most shall we say, "cruel" words imaginable. To teach her a lesson and make sure she doesn't do it again. I have busted my ass for this particular cow so many times, but it's okay, because she's my sister.

I do lose my cool at times, I admit that but I am only human. That's one thing bad about me. My temper. But I am only temperamental when it comes  to my siblings. I am always garang to them because of one simple reason. I want them to be better than everyone else.

That's the reason  why it's okay if someone else comes home late or doesn't take a shower after playing badminton. It's their choice. It's their life. But when my siblings do it, sorry, it's not your life or your choice. You do something stupid, you're gonna get it from me.

Theres no such thing as jaga hati.

They may hate me for being the garang brother that I am, but I have one simple philosophy when it comes to being a brother.

Let them hate me for being strict, overprotective and garang, I don't mind because if anything ever happens to them, I'd be a broken man till the day I die and blame myself every single day. It's not easy being a brother. I'm only 22 and I have yet to reach full maturity, mentally speaking. I'm still a very young man but in front of my younger siblings, I try to be a full fledged "grown-up".

I know I may not be the best brother there is out there but I do love each and every one of you, with all my heart.


  1. awww. i wish i knew what my brothers felt about me.

    hehe. nice post faisal. i feel so sad yet calmed reading this. :)

    one thing i am scared about siblings relationship is once we getting married and all, we tend to loose the bond a bit and somehow entah kenapa we fight over stupid matters like harta, and whatnot. it scares me really.

    i have always reminded my brothers not to be like that once we have our own little family. (my mom's family drama makes me determined not to fall for such same drama. i hate that!)

    so sorry for a long post. i usually fall for siblings-theme post. heeee. :)

  2. hahaha. saya sayang abang saya to the max. abang is one coollest person on earth. :D

  3. heavenla ade brother mcm u faisal..gogo

  4. fatin: =)
    intan:haha, thnk you ruzzzaannaaa..yeah, scary, i pun ada dgr few stories like tht, important for us to be reminded nt to be like them :) sokay, buat mcm my fam, my uncle and aunties will come over frequently for family nights where all of us makan2 together, keeps the bond strong :)
    shaf:hahaha,mmg, golongan abang ni cool :P
    intan:hahaha, tak sangatm i garaaaaannngggg :D

  5. :( sedih. i almost cry (ok over emo sgt :D)
    but i like diz entry much. (button like!)