Aug 9, 2010

Embarrassing E-mail addresses: Evidence of the inner kid inside all of us.

I am the proud account holder of a very childish e-mail address. It's a combination of my obsession with Star Wars and John Lennon. I'm very proud of my very childish and somewhat dumb e-mail address, no doubt...but one day, on the first day of my legal attachment...something happened...

Lawyer: Ok Faisal, I am going to send you a few documents for you to look at. I want you to study them and make the appropriate amendments.

Kid Law Student: Ok ma'am, no problem *childish smirk due to extreme excitement over getting proper "legal" assignment*

Lawyer: Alright, good boy. Give me your e-mail address.

Kid Law Student: *silent*

Lawyer: Faisal? Your e-mail address please?

You see, apart from my Star Wars/Lennon themed childish e-mail address, I also have one "professional" not-embarrassing e-mail address. One for play, and one for work. I would usually use my "professional e-mail address for "serious" matters. Problem was, I had difficulties accessing my "professional" e-mail address since the past few days. So I had no choice but to give her my Star Wars/Lennon themed e-mail address.

Kid Law Student: *mumbling dumb immature e-mail address*

Lawyer:.....come again...

Kid Law Student: *mumbling dumb immature e-mail address*


Sigh..I went to the office looking my best. Crisp white shirt. Jet black slacks with a jet black tie to leather shoes..looking like the real deal. I left the office feeling like a retarded 6 year old Star Wars geek.

Moral of the story: Create back up professional e-mail addresses. If you don't, and if you're a guy, and you kantoi with your senior, you will feel like nothing short of being emasculated.


  1. god, ur blog is hilarious!!!
    keep on posting k!

  2. ahahahaha i've face the same thing too during my practical!haha and i goes, ermm..ermm..creates an email in my head, spill it and after that, run towards the pc and make a new one!hahahahaha

  3. naz: haha,thnks dood!!! really appreciate it!!! =)))

    mal:hahaha,mai la shareeee nak tau gak apa e mail tuuuu :P haha

  4. my first kid email was a combination between my first crush name and my first japanese actor crush name..... how lame is that?

    yup, better have a professional email for work purpose! :)

    hehehe. we are always a kid at heart

  5. yg skrg but before this hahaha okei i know, tegeliat lidah nk sebut!

  6. ruzzana:hahaha,nt lame la,soooo litlle girl-ish,v.typical.e mail sure nama some random cute guys.haha.
    mal:.......i hve problems pronouncing it.....haha
    naina: haha