Aug 22, 2010

Are lawyers sexy?

I was chatting with a friend of mine and I asked her one question:
Are fighter pilots sexy?
She answered almost instantly yes.

Now before you assume anything, it's not that I have a thing for male fighter pilots. I love girls. Period. It's just that there was this one time, I met a real life fighter pilot. There were girls around me at that time and the moment he left, all the girls said the same thing:

"So sexy"

So I asked them, what about lawyers? Are lawyers sexy?

They said No.

So it got me thinking. Why the hell not?

Have they not seen The Practice? Have they not seen Boston Legal? Have they not seen real life lawyers? With our sharp suits, polished leather shoes and swagger?

Someone told me lawyers are nerdy. Fine. We read a lot. But we're not pointdexters like accountants and engineers. All day cooped up in an air-conditioned office doing maths. Yes. maths. How cool is that?

I am not saying I am sexy, but as a future lawyer, I am out on a crusade to defend my future profession from being laughed at and labeled as a profession for nerds.

Here's a list I came up with. It's just what I think and I stand to be corrected!
(Rockstars, Actors, Supermodels, pro athletes etc not included..different level altogether)

Top 3 Cool:
1.Fighter Pilots - Theres no denying this man. Uber cool.
2.Doctors - Have you seen McDreamy and his crew saving people? Cool.
3.Lawyers - Have you seen Dylan McDermott in The Practice? Cool.

Top 3 Un-Cool:
1.Engineers - Maths, that's all they do.
2.Accountants - They audit companies. Need I say more. A.u.d.i.t.
3.Teachers - God bless them but all of us have terrorized or made at least one teacher cry during our schooldays. Getting bullied by a bunch of kids? Un-Cool.

So there you have it. Lawyers are sexy, apart from me of course. I am an exception, I am a self professed nerd who read books as a favorite past time. But in general, lawyers are sexy. We may dress up like penguins with our black and white attire but my god ladies and gentleman, we're damn stylish penguins, waddling our way to defend justice.....well, to defend justice in most cases at least....

Trust me, I'm a lawyer.


  1. yeah i did accounting for degree.. but i gotta admit accountants are no cool.. blergh.. but but back to the real topic up there, id like to justify, lawyers aren't too... :P ha ha ha...

    ok fine, practicing lawyers might be a lil ...

  2. hahaha,a little pun still whaaattt :P accounting by profession sounds a bit dull la, but ye laaaa, accountants in person are not un cool...:P hehe

  3. so ur saying im cooolll rightttt ... hoshoshos

  4. hey, you forgot one sexy profession, sal!


    Haha, I find them damn sexy, while un-tug their shirt out, focusing on their landscape, buahahaha, yes I find its alluring, me! XD

    But hey, who said lawyers are not sexy?! They better go to court once, sit there for the whole day and hell yeah, they would find every dashing hot lawyer passes by them.

    ok, i am profession-biased, but I do think lawyers are sexy, before I decided to do law long time ago. :) ching!

  5. put: hahaha.i choose to refrain form commenting...kang ada laaa bunyi nazgul terhasil :P
    ruzzanaa:architects!!!!! yesss!!! artsy type people wayyy coool intan chan haha.tula, derang patut go to POJ, and watch penguins lalu lalang situ, steady jea :P

  6. I think it might be because the fighter pilot would look buff, tough and hunky! Most of them are, arent they? While lawyers are well, mostly thin with trousers up to their chests (sorry, there really are some of them like that)

  7. hahaha,yes, there are some like that...oh well, u cant have all red juicy apples in a tree, there bound to be some rotten ones :)

  8. I'm currently taking engineering ,and kinda agree with your statement there.but i hate math.blurrgh.

    Now im know why the producers didnt come out with series involving an engineer.

  9. hahaha.aku rasa doctor sgt sexy.haha. thick glasses, long white coat with stethoscope around his neck.thats hot.haha.

  10. do u ever heard bout michael scofield faisal? hv u seen any of prison break's series?? for an episode though u will find him super damn cool n sexy. n he's an engineer. tQ!

  11. miejot: haha, an engineer who hates maths? rare! but this entry wasnt serious, it's just something on the top of my head tht wasnt given much thought haha.i knw a whole bunch of cool accounting students and engineering uncle and aunty are accountants, and my dad's a civil engineer, they are cool people i tell you.haha.
    shaf:haha,mcdreamy!!!!! :D:D
    wana:hahaha.kannn! i forgot about scofield, tht guy coolius maximus kot!
    anonymous: =)