Jun 18, 2012

Criminal or Civil Lawyer?

So I am at a crossroad. I am a few months into my pupilage and now I am asking myself what I want to do. Generally I have 3 options.

1. Criminal Litigation.
2. Civil Litigation.
3. Conveyancing.
4. Corporate law.

Okay, come to think about it, cross out number 3. That is not going to happen.

Okay 1 and 2. Criminal or Civil Litigation. Yes, I'll most probably end up doing a bit of both but you see, in a normal non-sole proprietor law firm, one partner will have one specialized area of practice. Therefore, if I become a partner of any law firm, I would very much like to have *xxxxxx* as my specialized area of practice.

Now the question is Criminal or Civil/Corporate.

1. I get to be Dylan McDermott.
2. I get to be Harvey Specter.
3. I get to be Hrvey Dent.
4. I get to be *insert any famous 100% fictional lawyer of your choice here*
5. You get to make a difference.

1. You get to ......errr
2. You get to......ummm
3. You get to.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
4. You get to give a rich guy his money back.
5. Things that are similar to number 4 above.

I have no idea what area of law I want to practice in but judging from the lists above.....I think I may have a rough idea. Civil litigation doesnt sound so bad. Neither does corporate. But you don't change lives by giving back a rich guy his stolen money. You don't change lives by successfully brokering a merger between two companies.

Dilemma continues...

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