Aug 22, 2011

How to be TS Tony Fernandes.

He bought QPR. Why on earth would anyone buy QPR. I know the team has a colorful history but in recent years, where has the club been and what good would it do to spend hundreds of millions of ringgit on a club that has nearly no fans outside the UK?

A business analysts said this: " I cannot see why he bought QPR. It has no business prospect"..or something along that line.

Good old Tony simply replied: "That's why he still remains as an analyst".


He bought an ailing airline company with debts amounting to millions and millions of ringgit, turned it around to be a mega successful company, started his own formula one team and now, he bought over a newly promoted EPL club.

From his track record, I can make one simple conclusion:

To be as successful as Tony Fernandes you have to be brave and think out of the box. However, you will also need balls the size of Australia.

Kudos Tan Sri. Hopefully I can be like you one day.

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