Dec 23, 2010

I am a religious person so I reserve the right to humiliate you in public.

I am a religious person so I reserve the right to humiliate you in public. There's something wrong with that sentence. I see an ounce of irony. You are religious, but you humiliate people in public so that they would return to the path of righteousness.

The government's effort to curb vice and immoral activities in Malaysia is worthy of recognition. Everyday I hear stories of religious officers busting sex-parties, raiding cheap hotels and rented flats in order to locate and prosecute Muslims who commit the sin of khalwat ie close proximity between a guy and a girl that may lead to a sexual escapade and zina ie fornication. Oh lets not forget booze parties where young so called Muslim youths get drunk..and then have sex.

Ah yes, the noble effort of a select group of individuals who are, judging by the kopiah on their head, religious and of high moral, to save the youths of today from the ways of Satan.

The reason of my ranting? A few days ago, a friend showed me a video that was allegedly taken during an anti-vice raid on a Muslim couple accused of khalwat. Number one, why was a video recording made? Number two, why was the woman not given a chance to cover herself up properly and instead told to cover herself with the thin bed-sheet she was sitting on. Number three why was the male anti-vice raiders (I'm not sure whether the raiders were government officers or just a group of kampung people conducting their own self-sanctioned raid) interviewing the girl in the room? Why wasn't a female "room raider" present?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the religious raids because I truly believe that they are needed to curb immoral activities among the youths of today but my god why oh why do you need to be so rude to all the alleged wrongdoers?

You want to guide people to the path of righteousness. You want to set a good example for them to follow. You want to rehabilitate them. So why are you humiliating them?

In all honesty, what bugs me the most is not the fact that they weren't nice to the sinners.What bugs me the most is that they are painting a wrong image of Islam. What would non-Muslims think when they see supposedly religious high-moral individuals treating a half naked girl like an animal and interviewing her under bright lights on a bed, half naked.

Instead of upholding the purity of Islam, these so called warriors of religion are making Islam look like a religion of hate, a religion that's based on fear, not love.

The sinners made a mistake, yes. They are human. That's what humans do. They make mistakes. Your job is to GUIDE them back to the path of righteousness, not to HUMILIATE and SCARE THE LIVING SHIT out of them. Guide with love, the result will be long and the transformation would be pure and sincere. You guide with fear, the moment you die, they will go back to their old ways because guess what, their transformation was made out of fear NOT FAITH. I hate it when I hear non-Muslims talk about how Islam is a religion based on fear and not through pure faith.

A son who obeys his father because of his father's beatings will forget about the man as soon as he dies and will never pray for him nor will he visit his father's grave. A son  who obeys his father because of his father's love, will continue to cherish his father, long after his death, and will pray for him and visit his father's grave for as long as he live. I truly believe in that.

Yes, you are a religious person, a man of god but you do not have the right to humiliate people in public. Are you guaranteed heaven? Of course not. So stop acting like you are.


  1. definitelyyy correcttt...menyampah aku dgn segala recording tu.. pastu siap tanya soklan bukan2 lg. diorg ni jenih yg bkn nya raid nak mencegah. tp raid sb sonok nengok awek naked/half naked. they are the one that need help actually..

  2. Kudos on this post Faisal, you couldn't have said it any better. I completely agree. xx

  3. shaf:kaannnnnnn haihh...kesian org tu...if i was the guy yang kena rakam tu mmg satu2 aku saman shaf oi....tau xpe, they are the ones yang need help..they have "im perfect syndrome" -.-"
    dear anonymous:thnk you anonymous, and thnk you for readingg, i appreciate it :) xx

  4. BTW, you should update more. You're writing is impeccable, you know. :)

  5. Wow. I can't remember how long I've been following your blog, but I really think that you've hit a home run with this particular post. You deserve to have your own newspaper column or something! :)

  6. hahahaha.dear anonymous, thnk you for reading, i really appreciate it :) xx

  7. "Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the religious raids because I truly believe that they are needed to curb immoral activities among the youths of today"

    and u wonder why they do the things they do. kau yang educated pon mentality macam sampah.

  8. hmmm...i dnt really get your point. you quote a sentence and then you wrote and then i wonder why they do the things they dnt really make any sense.what i meant was religious raids are needed, but it must be conducted in a proper way..think of it this way mana kau suka, cikgu kau sepak kau depan orang cikgu kau sepak muka kau dalam office dia? dua dua berkesan.tapi satu cara kau malu and benci cikgu kau, satu lagi cara kau dapat pengajaran :) kalau nak tegur ada cara, kalau dah bodoh sombong...sampai bila2 tak maju. :)