Dec 7, 2010

Why gay guys used to scare the living shit out of me.

No I am not gay, period.

I used to distance myself from gay guys. I never really had any problem with them, its just that I've never felt comfortable being near them. Here's why:

1. Gay guy says hye
My head says: Shit, he loves me.

2. Gay guy being nice to me.
My head says: Shit, he wants me.

3. Gay guy invites me for a cup of coffee.
My head says: Shit, he's going to spike my drink and take me home.

I was 15 when I had my first encounter with a gay dude. He was my schoolmate, I was the new kid in school. This particular gay dude kept on harassing me, verbally mind you. Truth be told, I wasn't just annoyed, I was scared too. It's weird. Why would I be scared of a dude who probably had a pair of hidden fake boobs? He talks walks and acts like a girl but I still get scared shitless if I bumped into him at some corridor, alone.

Three years later, I entered University and as fate would have it, one of my housemates was of course, as if it was a sick joke, gay. He cannot be anymore gayer. He wore bright colored clothing and had multi-colored underwear. I know this because he hung his laundry at our common drying area.

I was of course, uncomfortable. After a while, I asked him, whether he liked staying with us. I reckoned he did because we're a goodlooking bunch (hahahahahha!). He said he did, so I proceeded to ask him an even more daring question:

"Do you feel anything seeing us shirtless and stuff, like how a guy would feel when he sees a girl topless?"

The sick bastard laughed and said:

"Do you honestly think I'm into you? Please, you are so not my type, and you're not goodlooking enough"

Hambik kau Faisal, kena sebijik.

Ahhhh...So I thought to myself, gay guys have types us straight guys...and here I am thinking that gay guys like ALL men.

So then I told myself, Faisal, you self obsessed wank, When a gay dude says hye, he probably means "Hye" and when he asks you out for a cup of coffee, he probably wants to hang out and chill with you over a cup of coffee. He doesn't want to spike your drink and take you home to have his way with you.

That was 5 years ago. Now I have no problems being friends with gay guys. They are actually an interesting lot to be with and talk to.

I pride myself for not being a racist or a sexist. I pride myself for not judging a book by its cover. So why the hell should I discriminate against a group of people just because they happen to prefer broad shoulders and furry chests over a curvy body and ruby red lips?

I know there's always the religious issue but believe me, non of us, and I mean non of us, is qualified to judge another human being. It is not our place. So before any of you pass judgement, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, am I guaranteed paradise? Am I a hundred percent sure I'm going to heaven? If the answer is (and it will be) no, than in my opinion, you should concentrate on saving your own place in heaven and let god deal with this lot.


  1. siapa kite nak menilai orang lain kan ? hehe. :)

  2. mas:haha.y yeayy? :D
    izyanti:yes,exactly :)

  3. yeay~ lah!.. cuz i used to have few too~ ^__^~ and i found them interesting!~
    and i think i feel safer around them drpd any other straight guys...


  4. hahaha,tula, i can imagine why, at least you knw these guys nak be friends with you because of you, not because mereka ada motif terpendam haha

  5. yeaayyy!!! gay prideee!!!hahah..laaaa boleh la aku menyuarakan rasa suka aku kt shane tanpa kamu jerit nama anor kannn.hahahaha

  6. hahaha,boleh tengok je, pegang takleh, kalau tak aku jerit anorr!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha