Jun 22, 2010

Why I use the Malaysian flag as drapes for my bedroom window.

I saw a dude flying a German flag on his car. Great show of support for the German national team. What's wrong with this guy? He flies a German flag on Malaysian soil. This guy flies a German flag instead of a Malaysian flag on Malaysian soil. Some might say he's just being a regular guy whose into football @ The World Cup. Some might say that it's just his way of letting the world know that Bastian Schweinsteiger is his hero. But for me, flying a foreign flag on your home soil, instead of flying yours, for whatever reason, is just plain disrespectful.

Try flying a German flag in front of an army veteran who tried fighting away the Japanese during World War 2. Fly the German flag in front of a widow whose husband died in the jungles fighting off communists during the emergency.  Show them that the youths of today spat on the sacrifices of these men in arms by refusing to fly the Malaysian flag and instead, fly the flag of a country that has done nothing for us that is worth a mention.

I fly the Malaysian flag proudly in my room and on my car. Every Merdeka, my family would proudly hoist the Malaysian flag on a metal pole for a whole month. Fly the Malaysian flag and let the world know how proud you are of this country, our country. Tanah Tumpahnya darah kita.

I use the Malaysian flag as drapes for my bedroom window for one simple reason. Because I love my country. Maybe I'm overreacting but seeing a Malaysian dude, proudly flying the flag of Germany makes me want to smack him on the forehead.

Love this country. Appreciate what the freedom fighters and our men in arms had done for us. They did what they did, they sacrificed their family and even their lives so that the future generation of Malaysians would have their own national anthem, their own flag to fly and most importantly, a place to call home.

Make the sacrifices of the soldiers and policeman who died in the line of duty worthwhile. Show your respect for our heroes by flying the flag of the country they fought for.

I quote the writings found on the Tugu Negara:

"Dedicated to the heroic fighters in the cause of peace and freedom. May the blessing of Allah be upon them"



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  3. sbb aku bace balik n aku jumpe jawapan kepada soalan bangang aku.

    well. ni reply baru. hehe.

    my father once said to me.
    kenapa ble org putih dtg malaysia.
    kte yg kena susah payah ckp dgn drg dalam bahase dorg(english.)
    sedangkn kte dtg negara dorg, dorg ilek je ckp english ngn kte. tade dorg susah payah ckp base melayu.

    is a flag waver gonna change anything?

    an army veteran who fought his life defending this country from british. akan gelak bace this post.

    'die kutuk org laen mcmtu die tataw die gune bahase penjajah kutuk org lain. same je.'

  4. ini lah sikap orang melayu. bodoh sombong. do you really think not knowing how to write n speak good english will get you anywhere? the answer is no. whether you like it or not, english is the language of professionals.if you cannot write or speak good english than thats your problem and your own disadvantage.there is a big difference between flying the flag of a foreign country and using english as a mean of expressing one's feeling. if you cannot see the difference than i dont think you are intelligent enough to actually understand the contents of my post or the reason i posted it in the first place.malays like you are the reson why we will never ever be a sucessful race.bodoh sombong :)i write in english because everyone can understand english. Some malaysian chinese and indian are not fluent in malay, they understand english better.writing is my passion and i'd like everyone on blogspot to understand what im writing about, not just malaysians, but also foreigners who happen to come across my blog when they blog hop. Tun Dr Mahathir's blog is mainly in english. The reason it's in english is because he wants non-malay speaking readers to understand what he wrote. You can see him writing in english, but you will never see him wave the flag of another country. Tun Dr Ismail is a Malaysian patriot. His unfinished biography was written in english. I have never seen a picture of him waving the flag of another country. Even our Prime Minister's blog is in english. Think before you speak, or else you'd just be making a fool out of yourself :)

  5. PS, A version of Jeneral (B) Tun Ismail Ibrahim, Ex-Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia's biography is in English. I guess he'd be laughing at himself too kan :)

  6. hahahahaha. bior le teman sogheh kuale gantong bendera peghok yek..takde sape le nak marah.hahaha

  7. hahahaha,elok leeeee mike buat gituuuuu,silap aghi bulan azlan nampak, teghuihhhh mintak kamu jadi cucu menantuuu,jadi la kamu ghaja peghempuan kecik peghok hahaha

  8. boo jun!!!! bia la i nak cakap ape! huh!

  9. hahahahaha,awak laaaaaaaa banyak songeh!!! hahaha