Jun 26, 2010

My Dad, the ultra hip uber cool modern father of....the 1950's.

When my dad was a student in the 70's, he was pretty fashionable. He wore bell-bottom pants, platform shoes and leather bracelets. Not to mention his long curly hair, reminiscent of Slash, the legendary lead guitarist from Guns N Roses.

Slash remained looking like Slash but as was the case for my dear father, age caught up with him and he now looks pretty much like how a 53 year old father of 4 looks like:

How a 53 Year Old Father of 4 looks like:

1.Polo Shirts.
2.Polo Shirts tucked in khaki pants.
3.Omnipresent Mont Blanc pen in pocket.
5.Crocs (A must due to omnipresent back-ache)
6.Looks nothing like Slash.

My mother, on the other hand, is more hip and happening. She uses all sorts of modern acronyms if you will, when messaging with my dad. However, there are certain acronyms which my dad don't understand....

Modern Acronyms my dad don't understand:

1."OMG"- I messaged my dad the price of my final year textbooks which totaled to RM960. "OMG ayah, textbooks will set you back RM960". My dear father promptly replied: "Please tell me what is OMG"

2".XOXO"- My mom was bored at home so she texted my dad at work, she sent him "XOXO". My dad did not understand the meaning of" XOXO". So he sent back "YOYO" to my mom, for god knows what reason. At home, as we were explaining to him what "XOXO" was, he told us,and of course he made this up:

"I know what XOXO is..Ayah saja ja antaq YOYO..which stands for "Yang Oi, Yang Oi". 

3."LOL".- We all know that" LOL" stands for Laugh Out Loud. Unfortunately, my dad does not. My dad was chairing a meeting one day when my mom texted him. He did not reply because he was chairing a meeting so when he finally replied, my mom sent a "LOL, its okay" type of message. My dad, misconstrued LOL as being "Lembap Oi Lembap" and promptly replied to my dear mother: "Sampai hati you kata I lembap oi lembap"

So that's my dad. The ultra hip uber cool modern father of the....1950's. I love my father dearly. He's not the most modern dad out there but in my opinion, he is, by far, the best dad anyone could ever have. =). 


  1. Hahhaha. your dad is even cooler for ever replying YOYO! XP

    Well, even how modernly the society now is, I seem not to really catch up with some of modern acronyms either. STFU or GTFO or FTW, all these i have just learned few days ago. LOL to me, i know!

    your dad is much much better than my dad in terms of sms things. he is still stuck with shortened sms which is the reason why i need to write a really long properly arranged text message or else, he would reply;

    "boleh tulis elok elok tak, baba tak faham satu pun"

    and yeah, not yet introduced him with OMG just yet. XP

    cool post. thumbs up!

  2. awww.. this is so comel la homer.. :)

  3. ruzzana:hahaha,sama la our dads..ur dad's messages mesti sound so formal and proper kan? with no spelling error or short forms kan haha. haha, goodluck with introducing omg intan, ayah i sampai sekarang refuse to acknowledge any form of "acronyms" -.-"

    fatin:hahaha,thnks lina cullen =)

  4. LOL!!! Love this posting, dear :)

    I can actually picture every single thing you wrote in here - so the very your Ayah!!! :)

    * Tersedak Wanna baca the "YOYO" part! LOL!!!

  5. hahaha,thnks wana :) yes, so very him haha. his ayah is always right attitude -.-" haha. tula, all of us LOL'ed masa mama cerita balik kisah2 di atas haha. she was hysterical, gelak cannot breathe -.-" haha

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can cry lah reading this, so funny :')

  7. hahaha.your ayannyah la,very oldskool! haha