Mar 22, 2010

Why I won't shave my facial hair. Ever.

Here's why:

1. It is vital to maintain facial hair for that Johnny Depp look.
2. It is vital to somewhat look like Johnny Depp.
3. It is vital to have facial hair resembling those of Johnny Depp's.
4. Johnny Depp is the single most coolest guy on the face of planet earth.

I watched Johnny Depp's latest movie, Public Enemies a few days ago. I was dumbstruck by his coolness.

I will not shave my facial hair. I will walk like a drunken pirate. I will swap my hands for a pair of scissors. I will purchase a chocolate factory.

But before all that, I'd have to get me my first pair of leather jacket/pants and visit M.A.C for a boxful of eyeliners and mascara to truely look like Johnny Depp.

6 packs and toned biceps? Nah...Who needs all that when you got eyeliners and mascara.


  1. hehehehehe....faisal funny ok...
    Johnny Depp??? Ok laaa...ade sikit la same...wahhhh....hahahahhahah

  2. haha, ada haaaaaaa samaa haha, but seriously aiza, dia cool gila! coolest guy award of all tyme goes to j.depp :D

  3. sikit la. first glance tengok! hehe

    yup, johnny depp is as cool as hell!

  4. hahahaha,omaigod.haha. kan intan...he's nt cool, he's not really cool, he's not uber cool, he's ICE COLD.haha

  5. hi faisal. edward sgt innocent. jack sparrow sgt cute cute lawak. charlie emmm i like his hair. hehe. way to go johnny depp wanabe. heh.

    got an award for u. mai la blog. =)

  6. hyeeee haha, yeah, the many faces of mr ice cold :D checking nowwwww!!!! haha

  7. yang sebenaqnyaaa kamu tu malaihh nak shave.jadi kamu beghangannn la kamu tu johnny depp.i know u deep inside.hahaha.

  8. hahahahahaha, mana adaaaaa, ang niii, sian aku ang mendakwa aku yang rajin amat ni pemalaih.hahaha

  9. hahahahaha! Like what youre friend aku ♥ musik said. setuju, just because x)

    Hmm, you can't pull off that dirty sexy johnny depp, you can be a cleaner version of him perhaps? :P haha

  10. haha, mean twat! haha
    wtv nazzeh, im johnny in my own head so tht counts fer something :D dnt comment on tht statement or i will murder you and your new cat. capiche???? haha