Mar 10, 2010

Syaitan Setor Tingkatan 4 Cekap

I woke up at 6.30am in the morning. As soon as I got up, I decided to go out for a morning jog.

As I jogged from my house all the way up to Bukit Setiawangsa, all of a sudden old memories came gushing back into my head. 

I had Explosions In The Sky playing on my Walkman. The precise song that was playing was "Your Hand In Mine", my favourite song by them. The melancholic tune of the song made me feel nostalgic and somewhat sad. As I jogged pass my old school, I could see a younger version of me running towards the school gates. I was very rarely early nor on time for school. I'd be at least 5 minutes late.

I could also see my friends greeting me in front of the staircase in between block C and D..or was it A and B? I can't remember. I could see visions of me laughing my head off. I could see visions of me being carefree and somewhat naive. I miss those days greatly.

I miss the days where my best friends were around me all day. I miss the days where I would spike my Bio teacher just for the fun of it. I miss the days where I would gossip all day long with my BM teacher. I miss the days where I would talk and joke around with my friends during EST while pretending to be doing some work. I miss the days where I learned history from my all knowing-history teacher.

I miss Tingkatan 5 Amanah. I miss sitting at the back of that class (during most history lessons I'd be standing up) and pretending to be listening to the teacher in front. I miss....just lepaking at the back of the class..especially Fridays where all of us would smack each other's arses with our sampins. 

One of my fondest memory was when our accounts teacher raided the store room at the back of my class and went literally berserk:


What subject: Accounting Principles
Location    : Tingkatan 4 Cekap/ Store room at the back.
WRONGDOING  : Ponteng class to lepak in store room to eat burger.
Teacher     : 1.Raided store room.
              2.Shouted "anak setan"
              3.Blindingly swung both arms around.
              4.Hitting every moving target at

lesson learned:

Only eat during recess.

You'd be asking why would getting hit by a teacher be one of my fondest memories. The answer is because it's one of the dumbest, most nakal-est things I ever did. It's one memory I could look back to and laugh at me for me being so....16 year old me. I am 22 years old this year. Being 16 seemed like just yesterday.

As I walked down Bukit Setiawangsa back to Taman Keramat Permai, I asked myself, what was high-school for me? I'm still trying to answer that question because there is no, and there never will be, any definitive answer. 

Whenever I think about high-school, I can only think of one thing. That one thing is how much I miss it. 


  1. High school surely brings a lot of memories!!!

    I was not too fond of mine. I was quite a chubby one, being bullied by guys in my class (even by the one I had my first ever crush on) and a bit pressured from the surroundings.

    And I wonder how I survived those things!


    lesson learn: eat during recess? haha. cool one fesalul~ XP

  2. those jerks will always be jerks, in the wise words of T.I, ignore all haters till they fade away ;) those words i hold dear because it works every single time :) haha, yesssss, thts the only thing i learned from her class haha, lepas tu i cahngd classes :D:D

  3. That's the only thing you learnt from her clas? O_o TENG.

    Yes, I think we all know how much you miss school ;) I, on the other hand, am so GLAD to be out of there. Nevertheless, school-life will of course bring back a million and one bittersweet memories.

    ...I still hate school though ;)

  4. haha, yes nazz. i hated tht subject.immensely.passionately.with all my heart.haha...yeah, school's no heaven for a lot of people, but ure having a great tyme dekat uni kan sooooo, thts good kan =)

  5. prinsip akaun!!!aku pon slalu kena dengan cekguu akaun aku.sampai satu tahap dia kata "sape yang tak nak blajor tu jgn nak ganggu org yang nak blajor..tolong diam."

    aku ghasa kamu dan aku sama jaaa..dok lepak kt store room blakang kelaih dan maakaaaannn.haha. and i miss those days toooo~

  6. hahaha, tu pasai kita kat mmu ni bekawan rapat.sama jea perangai.hahaha.kamu akaun spm dpt pangkat berapa??? haha

  7. haha,aku pahammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :p

  8. i dont miss school at all.
    i hate the uniform.
    the waking up at six routine.
    the teachers.

    but i do love 'sightseeing' every morning.
    n u wer among the guys that wer nice to watch.

    i always catch my self watching u race up the stairs naik klas...oh...he's late again..

    time tu aku takot ngn ko n matt.
    so i never tried talking to u guys.
    n matt was mean too.

    popular-people-phobic me. hehe

  9. hahahhaa, ang ni teruk!!! -.-" aku bangun kul 7 hahahaha.tu sal lambat hari2 pergi sekolah tu :D padahal rumah dekat gila.tyme tu duduk puncak haha. well, tht was then, now we're besties =D