Aug 15, 2013

Pointless entry

Well it has been about a billion years since I last posted an entry. There's good reason why too. I have been busy practicing as a lawyer. That's right. I am an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

I have a lot to rant about but I wont write them all here. What I want to really rant about is the fact that I am no longer a student (a fact that I extremely hate solely because I don't get to lepak more often) and about chasing DREAMS.

I only have 15 mins (am typing this during lunch break, and at 2pm I have to be in KL Court for a mention) to finish this entry so here goes.

After practicing as a lawyer for a few months now, I am beginning to question whether this is my true calling or not. It has its ups and downs as with all other jobs but the main question I keep on asking myself is whether my job is:

1. me being logical and just working to earn a living, void of passion (yes I do realize that word gets thrown about frequently by people who are describing their feeling for their job but a cliche is a cliche simply because its true);

2. whether I am actually passionate about law, and that the reason why I'm feeling hollow about it right now is because I'm not practicing in the area I have interest in (I am a civil lawyer, boring).

Right now I am crossroads. Either continue working like an ant, void of everything but earning a good stable living or say fuck it all quit and do whatever I feel like doing and live happily full of passion but with a risk of not having money which will also mean lambat lagi la nak kawen dengan Fiona :(.

This entry is pointless as it has no conclusion but what I get from writing this is a reminder in writing ( I have a habit of reading my old entries, just to remind me of whatever things I planned to do in the future that I wrote about in the past but totally forgot about) that it is very important enjoy what you do.

Pointless entry, but I did get to rant so I do feel a bit better.



  1. i have been practicing for a month doing convey and i already feel dead inside. tapi kena kumpul duit nak beli kereta, nak kahwin so... :(

    we're pretty much in the same boat.

  2. being adult is boringggg........

  3. nn: Hello fellow practitioner!! sama la...i am dead..and the worst thing is, bila hati dah mati, kualiti kerja pun sekali affected. sigh....

    shap: ............hang pandai buat dak mesin time tavel. kits p balik time time pl40 and tekan pause. everyday kita lalui 7 kali.haha.

  4. Andai dapat ku undurkan putaran dunia..... Inginku ubah semula...................

    cer kamu teka lagu apa?? PL40 terbaik laaaa...