Sep 18, 2012

My two legs, MNG Melaka and Fiona.

I own two healthy legs. I take them out for the occasional jog...I use them every day to go to work, walk up a staircase, to gently push away a pet or two....and the list goes on and on. I love them. In fact I love them so much, I never abuse them by using them for unnecessary tasks such *shudders*

I am not a big fan of shopping. I never was, and never will be a big fan of shopping. However, I am in a relationship with a sweet young thing by the name of Fiona, whom I most dearly love and she...........enjoys. No wait. She

Its a good thing that she's not a big spender. She's still a green vegetable in the world of shopping, often settling for a RM5 hair clip and feel good the whole day. This is good because I do not have any of yet. Its not like she asks me to buy her stuffs...but as a boyfriend..there is this invisible voice inside of me that yells PAY!! everytime she opens her purse to pay for anything....

Anyways, one fine day we went to MNG @ Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. We went to get a bite for lunch..watched a movie...drank overpriced coffee. It was fun. I was a bit tired. We were set to go home. All was good and well.

And then...MNG happened.

There was a sale and Lo and behold before me was a 20 year old girl. I knew at that point in time...we weren't going back. Oh no. We were going to stay.

As she dragged me into the shop, her eyes widen with excitement. A smile formed. Her grip on my hand tightened. I have entered into MNG, and there was a sale.

My legs were giving away. My knees were wobbly. I followed her throughout the entire shop, trying to give the best opinions and suggestions. I was tired. I wanted to lie down and play dead. But for my love, I pushed on through. I was feeling very proud of myself. I am a warrior prince who is fighting in this battlefield of love for my princess. But alas......I began nagging.

She felt sorry for she wanted to leave. But me being the hero I am, refused. We shall stay and shop I declared . She smiled and continued to look that is for sale at MNG. Then I saw it. It was there all along.

There was this podium..this podium served as a seat, a resting ground  for my fellow brother warriors, many of them looking tired and sleepy. I strode across the shop..and took my place among my equals. I have found the boyfriend depot.

I remember smiling a smile of relief when I finally got the chance to rest my two legs. Thank you MNG Dataran Pahlawan, thank you so much for the boyfriend depot.

After a while, my better half was done. She didn't by anything mind you, she was only there to window shop and look at new arrivals. We finally called it a day.

If there are any ladies reading this, I hope you appreciate your partner's legs because in all actuality, he gave up possession of them a long time ago, from the moment he said I love you to you.

I know my legs will never be mine again as they, along with my heart, now belong to a sweet young thing who goes by the name of Fiona.

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