Nov 27, 2011

Bye-bye blackberry!

My BlackBerry is DEAD. I fell down, hurt my back,crushed my dear berry in my pocket when I fell so its now dead. I wanted to buy a Bold 2 (Why not Bold 4? I don't have moolah) but I found out that all Bold 2's on sale are recond models aka SECONDHAND. There is no way I'm gonna fork out money to buy a secondhand phone.

Okay so now what phone to buy? I wondered around Lowyat with Amir, my brother. Then I saw a little gem by the name of SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace. Took a look at it. Looked like an iPhone 4. Hated that fact by the way.

Anyways after further pondering and making phone calls to mama ayah and mat (bestfriend cum android specialist) I concluded that the Galaxy Ace was the phone for me. So from now on, goodbye BlackBerry Messenger, Hello Whatsapp!!

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