Jul 16, 2011

The main reason why guys cry (If they ever).

Fernando Torres,50 Million pounds, heading for Stamford Bridge.

"His armband proved he was a red Torres Torres, You'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres, We bought the lad from sunny spain, give him the ball he scores again, Fernando Torres Liverpool's number 9".

This certain Spaniard, who doesn't even know I existed, was making me teary eyed. Liverpool was having a shit season. Morale was lower than chicken shit on the ground. And then this happened. Our star striker was leaving us.

Fiona looked at me in disbelief. She kept on staring at me before finally......

"Baby are you crying?"

A tear just rolled down my eye in front of my girlfriend. I was crying because of another guy. Now if she didn't know any better she'd just be laughing her head off and start calling me names such as fag, drama queen etc. But she didn't. She came up to me and embraced me and kept telling me Liverpool will be okay without Torres. She understood what many girls don't: How football can make guys cry.

Its hard to explain why guys are so into football. 22 grown men chasing a small ball around an entire pitch. The winner is the team who puts the ball behind the opposing team's net the most. If you put it that way, football sounds...dare I say it.....ridiculous.

I manage a football team. We call ourselves ROC. I love this team. To wear the team jersey, to see the players playing, to feel the awesomeness of winning...the feeling is beyond ecstasy. I get nervous when we're one goal down. I shout on the top of my lungs when we win. If we lost.....I would go back home feeling dejected.

All this for a game of 22 grown men chasing a small inflated sphere shaped object.

When Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup, I was happy beyond Liverpool winning the 2005 Champions League trophy (5 times Manchester United...5 times). It was a feeling that I cannot describe. When everyone was shouting and laughing in pure joy, I followed suit. But when everyone went back, I was left alone to suck in what just happened. We won the cup for the first time in the cup's 15 year history. Emotions got hold of me and you guessed it, I got teary eyed.

I can't really answer the question of why guys are fascinated by football.

To the girls who keeps on ridiculing my and every other guy's love of football, I can't tell you why we love football. No one can tell you why we love football not even us because my dears, we cant define it....we feel it.

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku, You'll Never Walk Alone.


  1. I feel you faisal.. i feel you.. football can give me goosebumps as well as teary eyes.. i have different emotions for football.. sad, angry, happy, proud. fuhhhh..

  2. kan puttttttttttttt.you're one of the few girls that know the meaning of football :) high 5!! haha