Feb 9, 2010

One breezy evening at Makam Pahlawan.

About a year ago, I went to Masjid Negara for Friday Prayers. It was my first time praying there. I prayed at Masjid Negara for two reasons. One, to perform my Friday prayers. Two, to visit the graves of Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Ismail. 

As I recited Al-Fatihah for my two fallen heroes, my mind wondered away into an undefined space in time where I thought long and hard about what the two men above did for this country. My country. Our country.

Back in those days everything they did was done for the betterment of Malaysia. There was no hanky-panky or mala fide. There was only a burning desire to unite this country of ours and develop it.

The two Tuns served their country to the grave. Both died in office. Tun Abdul Razak suffered from leukaemia and died from it a frail thin man 35 years ago. Tun Dr Ismail died of a heart attack 38 years ago.

Tun Abdul Razak died as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Tun Dr Ismail died as the Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia (Tun Abdul Razak was out of the country and appointed Tun Dr Ismail as the Acting Prime Minister for the entire duration of his absence).

After I finished reciting Al Fatihah for the two Tuns, I looked around me. I thought about the life that I am living, the dreams that I am dreaming.

On the way back home from Masjid Negara, as I passed along the lush green gardens of Taman Tasik Perdana, the grand towering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and the winding ultra-modern elevated highways circling the nation's capital, a single drop of tear fell from my eyes. We owe a lot to these two men .

They created a foundation so strong, it helped Tun Dr Mahathir to take this country to new heights.

Apart from the blessings of Allah SWT, we owe a lot of what we have today to these two men. Let us not forget them, their sacrifices, their sense of responsibility and what they did for this country.



  1. uyOOoOooOo.... faiSal nangis...uYYooooOooO.... :)

  2. haha.aku paham saal..kamu berjiwa halusss.neway kalo aku pon aku rasa aku nangihh.mana laaa nak jumpa orang yg tulus, jujur, amanah suma tu laaaa niii.

  3. hahaha,kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.mana la nak jumpa org mcm ni lagi...nak kena tunggu kamu jadi PM dak shaf hehe

  4. hahaa, aku tunggu!!! kalu kamu jadi pm aku sokong!! haha

  5. most guys around our age would never actually care, or let alone notice about these kind of stuff. kudos to you :)

  6. thnks saph :) u should read "the reluctant politician", a book about tun dr ismail, its a very good book, about a great man who sacrificed his life, i mean literally, his life, for his country. read it and be inspired :)